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Is it possible to mix ductless AC upstairs and room AC units downstairs?

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Yes it is

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At what temperature should you keep your downstairs air to help cool the upstairs or does the downstairs air temperature have any effect on the upstairs if you have two central units?

I have two separate systems, one up and one down. The downstairs unit does nothing to cool the upstairs. It is probably because cold (heavy) air sinks and hot (light) air rises. To have any effect on the upstairs, you would need a very well insulated house with few windows, and you would have to make it extremely cool downstairs. Inversely, you can use your upstairs system to help cool your downstairs, for the reasons explained above. Since hot air rises, your upstairs system has a larger cooling capacity than your downstairs unit to take care of the larger demand.

Why won't my upstairs AC unit cool?

Because hot air rises. As your A/C unit kicks out cool air, that cool air makes its way downstairs, while the warm air downstairs rises to the upstairs. You could try closing a door at the top of your stairway to prevent the downstairs warm air from making it upstairs. Or try cracking an upstairs window if it is located near the ceiling to let warm air escape outside. The brute force solution is to buy more A/C units. The most efficient solution is to spend more time downstairs than upstairs.

Choosing Between Upstairs and Downstairs Apartments?

Many of the newer apartment complexes are two-story buildings that have first and second floor units. There are some advantages and disadvantages to living either upstairs or downstairs.Easier to Get in and Out of Downstairs ApartmentsDownstairs apartments are ideal if you are not in any condition to climb stairs. It is easier to move in and out of a downstairs apartment. It is also easier to bring groceries and other items into your apartment when you don’t have to climb several stairs to get to your front door. The ease of accessibility makes downstairs apartments perfect for older individuals or people who have children that like to go in and out of the apartment often. Downstairs apartments are also a better choice if you have large furniture that will need to be brought in when you first move into your apartment.No Noise Above You in Upstairs ApartmentsOne of the biggest benefits of having an upstairs apartment is that you will never hear footsteps from your ceiling. Living downstairs can be a bit noisier, especially if the upstairs apartment houses small children who run around a lot. Upstairs apartment living feels more like you are in a private house because the noise from your neighbors is reduced to a minimum. As an upstairs neighbor you may get complaints from the apartment below you if you tend to walk heavily or make a lot of noise that could be carried through their ceiling.The Element of SafetyUpstairs and downstairs apartments each have their own share of security issues. A downstairs apartment can be more open to the parking lot and people who walk through the complex at all hours. When you live downstairs, you may feel like you need to keep your blinds drawn and windows closed more often. Downstairs apartments are easier to get out of if there is any structural damage to the property, however. In the case of severe storms or a fire, downstairs neighbors can leave the building far more quickly than upstairs neighbors. Each apartment has its own unique sense of security. It is up to you to decide where you feel the safest.

ductless air conditioning and allergies?

Yes, ductless air conditioning units work very well with filtration systems. They are fantastic at keeping the pollen out of your house.

If you have a two-story house and no one stays upstairs can you simply turn the AC off and only leave the downstairs AC running?

Cold air is heavier, as it gets warmer it will go up. If you turn on the thermostat on the second floor the air will come down and then go up as it gets warmer, making the air circulate. When the weather is very hot use both AC units (upstairs and downstairs), but if the weather is not so hot rest one unit and you will prolong it's life.

Why does your upstairs ac unit leak water into your downstairs hallway?

AC units are cool and will cause water to condense. They have an outlet tube that leads to the outside. The water should drain to the outside. If the water leaks to the inside, then the drain tube to the outside is clogged up and needs to become unclogged.

All About Ductless Air Conditioning?

During the humid summer months, do not allow the wide variety of costly air conditioners to overwhelm you. Instead, consider the idea of installing a ductless air conditioning system in your home. Ductless air conditioners are a practical choice for any home in any climate.Ductless versus other types of air conditionersA regular, ducted air conditioner is noisy and expensive to install in your home. If you do not already have a duct system in your home, installing a ducted air conditioning unit can require costly home remodeling. Moreover, a window unit air conditioner can cause inconveniences and security risks, such as blocking windows. A ductless unit, however, requires only refrigerant lines to go through a tiny hole in the wall. The lines are attached to a quiet, outdoor compressor and are controlled by a small cooling unit mounted to a wall or ceiling.EfficiencyDuctless air conditioning units are not only easy to install, they are also more energy-efficient than other types of air conditioning units. Most ductless air conditioners are equipped with remote controls that allow you to cool certain areas of your home whenever you please, which saves you both money and energy. Moreover, using a ductless air conditioning unit allows you to cool parts of your home that ducted units are not able to reach, due to the smaller size of the refrigerant lines.Ductless air conditioners are more energy-efficient and cost-effective, because they allow you to control which parts of your home you cool down at any time of the day or night. Convenience and comfortBecause ductless air conditioners can cool certain areas of your home at the same time, it is possible to cool certain rooms at different temperatures. Ducted units can leave your entire home too cool and window units can leave your home feeling a bit warm; ductless units, however, provide you with more control over how cool you would like each room, thanks to the use of the mounted cooling units and remote controls. Moreover, ductless air conditioners can also come equipped with settings specific to your climate area, so that you can control the humidity levels in the cool air.Deciding what type of air conditioning unit to install in your home is a daunting experience if you do not know where to begin. However, a ductless air conditioning unit is a great place to start your search. Cost-effective and energy-saving, a ductless air conditioning unit works great in any home in a variety of climates!

Benefits of a Ductless Air Conditioner?

Ductless air conditioners provide several advantages over other types of air conditioning units. Because they don�t require ductwork, they are less expensive and easier to install. Unlike window units, they don�t obscure your view, require that a technician cut holes in your walls or enable unsecured access into your home or office. The compressor unit for a ductless system is placed outside the building. This eliminates the noise that you would normally have with a widow unit. The outdoor unit for a ductless system is also smaller and quieter than a central air conditioning system.

How do I install ductless air conditioning?

Ductless air conditioning is generally installed by the local dealer of the product. It's a specialized procedure which requires you to install and wire up both inside and outside units, then connect them to each other. You could do parts of this process yourself, but will need an expert's help with major parts of it. For more information go here

Can I get an air conditioner that doesn't have to sit in a window"?

Yes, there are free standing air conditioners as well as ductless air conditioners available. The free standing air conditioners are portable and can be placed in any area yor home. Ductless air conditioning units are placed outside the home much like a central air conditioning unit.

What are the possible units on distance?


The perimeter of a rectangle is 26 units. What is the greatest possible area of the rectangle in square units?

42 square units.

Are portable ductless air conditioning units any good?

If you have access to a window, you can get a window-mounted air conditioning unit or one with a pipe to go out the window. Self-contained AC units don't work well because they have no place to dump the warm air except back into the office.

Why Choose Ductless Air Conditioning?

Ductless air conditioning is the answer to a homeowner’s wish to have air conditioning without extensive remodeling or ductwork installation. The units are similar to a central air conditioning system but use a wall mounted unit to cool a room. These wall units can be compared to baseboard heating. The wall units are generally placed high up on the wall so a homeowner does not need to worry about blocking the air with furniture. Ductless air conditioning units are available in a variety of sizes to match any home or apartment’s needs. These systems are ideal for older homes that were built without any air ducts. They are much cheaper than an air conditioning system as well. If a home does not have ductwork, a homeowner is facing exorbitant remodeling costs to install the needed ductwork for a central air system. The cooling unit itself is placed outside, just like an air conditioning system. Only an experienced technician should install the ductless air conditioning unit. The system will need to be wired into the home’s electrical panel or in some cases an additional breaker will be needed to run the system. A refrigerant line will be hooked up to the outside unit and attached to each wall unit in the home. Most ductless air conditioning systems can be purchased with up to four wall units. A homeowner can specify where they would like the unit placed but the technician’s advice should be heeded as well. There are refrigerator lines and electrical lines and condensation lines that will need to be attached to each wall unit and fed back to the outside unit. Generally, these lines are placed on a wall that is facing the outside of the home. It is possible to run the lines through an attic or ceiling space to keep them from being visible. Some ductless air conditioning systems include remote control devices that allow a user to control the temperature for each room. Other systems may only include one thermostat for all the wall units.

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