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Not knowing the age/size/configuration of your Plumbing or it's condition, I can only suggest what might be causes for your situation.

. Your pipes are old and the interior of the pipes have become narrowed by rust or corrosion.(over time sediments collect on the interior of your pipes and severely restrict the flow(volume). The older the plumbing the more chance this has happened)

. Your water supply pressure is too low. . A restiction in the shower head/diverter. . Corroded valves in the shower.(not fully opening) . Supply lines are to small to handle all the fixtures at one time. . Main supply line valve not open all the way. There is a multitude of things that could cause this situation.

Start by:

.Taking off the showerhead. Turn on the valves, hot and cold, test one at a time, and see it there is sufficient water coming to the shower when the valves(upstairs and downstairs) are both open. This will identify if there is enough water coming up to the shower and if it is just in one side.(hot or cold)

If there is sufficient water flow: Clean or replace the shower head.

If not: . Check the sink/toilet water flow and see if they slow or stop running when the downstairs shower is running. If they too slow considerably, it is probably a problem common to the supply line to the upstairs. . Check your water lines(hot or cold) feeding the upstairs shower to see if it is large enough and tied into a line large enough to carry the demand.

You can also:

. Test the water pressure as near to the Main suppy line as possible.(outside hose bib) You can get a gauge to screw onto a hose nozzle for a few dollars at the hardware store.

Unless you have a Water Pressure regulator in line with the Main Valve, the water pressure should be the same at all outlets.

If you do have a regulator, the "presuure"(not volume) may be reduced after the Regulator but shold still be at a new equal pressure throughout the house. note:(Water Pressure Regulators help protect your fixtures from excessive pressure and surges. High pressure could cause leaks or failure of some units.)

The gauge may help you identify where a restriction may be located.

If the upstairs shower was added during a remodel, it's possible the supply lines were not properly designed to handle the extra water demand. This would require some plumbing renovation to bring it up to specs.

As a general note: Old 3/4" galvanized pipes after time can restrict down to pencil size or smaller inside. Even plug off completely. You know what that will mean...

Good Luck.

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Why does the downstairs toilet bubble when the upstairs shower is in use?

Because your drain is blocked.

What kind of drainage do you need for a downstairs shower?

Same as upstairs BUT LESS drainage piping BUT more vent piping.

Why does downstairs shower drip but ONLY when the upstairs shower is used?

the pies are connected so when you turn on the shower the vaulve in the pipe going to the other shower might not be all the way closed thus causing it to leak

What would cause the upstairs bathrooms to leak downstairs?

Gravity. Also- If someone takes a shower with the curtain on the outside of the tub this can happen.

Why does your upstairs toilet and drains gurgle and back up when your down stairs shower and toilet work just fine?

The drain is plugged somewhat between the upstairs and downstairs. Need to snake the drains.

What is the cause of downstairs shower and floor draining backing up?

The main drain is plugged. Not completely, but enough that it is easier for the upstairs water to come out in the shower and floor drain instead of going out the drain.

Why would an upstairs toilet drain into a downstairs sink?

All upstairs plumbing fixtures drain through vertical pipes in the walls, connect to the horizontal pipes under the house and continue downslope to the city sewer or your septic tank. A backup into a downstairs fixture from an upper one indicates that there is a blockage in the drain line under the house downslope from the one receiving the backup. In this situation when a upper toilet is flushed the water with refuse reaches the stoppage and backs up into the lowest fixture downstairs, usually a shower, a tub or in this case a sink.

What is the definition of shower plumbing?

Shower is water that is sprayed over someone. Plumbing is the fixtures and piping that supplies water in a building. Shower plumbing would be the fixtures that spray water in a bathtub/shower stall.

Hwy when you flush your upstairs toilet does your downstairs shower drain erupt sewage?

The drain from the toilet to the main drain is plugged and the branch to the shower is not. If the main floor toilet flushes, it is between the two toilets and not between the house and the sewer.

Where does upstairs sink water and shower water drain to?

There is a main drain that runs from the basement through the roof where it is the vent for the system. If you look at the layout of the house, the upstairs bath is most likely over the downstairs one or the kitchen. If you look on the roof, you will see a 4 inch pipe coming through the roof that should be over the upstairs bath. The sink and shower drain into that and then to the basement and out of the house. Most likely the main stack is in the wall behind the toilet.

Where can someone buy handicap shower seats?

Handicap shower seats can be purchased from various plumbing retailers. The Plumbing Supply store has a big selection of shower accessories, which includes handicap seats.

How can you diagnose and repair a problem with pipes in the wall that bang downstairs when an upstairs shower is used in a 1982 townhouse?

You have air in the system you need to bleed it out. do you have a really old heater/ boiler. hot water heater need more info

Why does a ground level kitchen sink back up when the upstairs shower is turned on?

There is a clog between the sink and the line to the street or septic tank. The sink is the easier path for the upstairs shower.

How much does a shower plumbing cost?

"Shower plumbing will vary greatly in cost depending on wether you are installing a new shower system, refurbishing an older system, planning to add upgraded features and fixtures, and if there will be tiling involved."

Shower Installation?

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Where can one purchase a shower pump?

Shower pumps can be purchased from any store that sells plumbing supplies. One could try The Home Depot, Menards, or Lowe's. Plumbing contractors may also sell shower pumps.

Where online can I find a guide for fixing the plumbing of a shower?

You can find a repair guide for the plumbing of a shower on the following site: It is a very helpful resource.

Where was Angela's wedding shower in the westing game?

in her humongous downstairs bathroom(: Did that help?

Why is water leaking on the downstairs ceiling when the H or C faucets on the upstairs tub are turned on if it is not leaking through the drain or tub?

If the tub has a shower as well, the pipe from the faucet to the shower head could be leaking. You might also check the tube that comes OUT and fills the tub. It could be leaking back at the valve when you turn on the water.

Plumbing- if a sink of shower are unused and the pipes dry out will sewer gases come back up into the home?


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Now, go upstairs. Scare the cat out of the shower by turning the water on. Now's the hard part: chase the cat back downstairs to the milk & she/he will follow you out & back to Charlie. William 11

Where can you buy a shower drain cover?

Plumbing wholesaler or hardware store

When using a sewage pump to install a shower and toilet in a basement how do you connect the trunk line into the sewage basin?

The sewage pump out is installed downstream of a bathroom group from the upstairs plumbing Consult a plumber and/or the plumbing code. If you do this wrong you WILL regret it later. Keep in mind you are dealing with raw human sewage. Do it right the first time, for your own sake.

How to fix a Leaky shower arm?

Since the home is two story a small indoor air conditioner will not be able to cool the whole house by itself. To get this home to be cool you will need to use a A/C system both upstairs and downstairs.

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maybe he wants to see his downstairs