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If the tub has a shower as well, the pipe from the faucet to the shower head could be leaking. You might also check the tube that comes OUT and fills the tub. It could be leaking back at the valve when you turn on the water.

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Q: Why is water leaking on the downstairs ceiling when the H or C faucets on the upstairs tub are turned on if it is not leaking through the drain or tub?
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Will an upstairs leaking tub damage the interior walls and ceiling below?

Yes, most definitely!

How can I repair my leaking toilet?

How can I do some home toilet repair? I have an upstairs pipe that is leaking underneath the toilet.

What are the causes of ceiling leaks?

What is above your ceiling. Chances are it is a leaking pipe (probably a waste pipe-ick) or condensation from around your air ducts. Is this a house? Leaking on 1st level or a basement? Is it a "drop" ceiling?

How much water does the US of America waste each year because of leaking faucets?


What can be the cause for your downstairs neighbor's bathroom ceiling leak and could it be your fault from your tub but there is no actual leak in your apartment anywhere and it's an old building?

For the ceiling to be damaged there is a leak! As to who's fault it is that is the question. It is determined by who is responsible in your apartment for the upkeep of what is leaking. Some of the causes could be a leaking tile wall or tub surround, water leaking where the valve or spout protrudes through the wall, a drain leaking, the shower valve or piping leaking, water spilling over the edge of the tub on the floor or even a roof or window leaking. I would recommend hiring a plumber to investigate and repair any leak that is occurring as most of the time it would be your responsibility for repair. A leak is not going to get any better on its own and water damage costs can be significant.

What does it mean when the upstairs toilet overflows onto the floor causing leaking through the walls vents and light switches directly below downstairs?

It means it is time to call a licensed master plumber to make repairs and possibly get ac mold removal /toxic clean up crew of to your abode

How do you hande a leaking ceiling?

Ceilings do not leak as there is no water The piping arrangement above the celinging or grouting may leak and come out through the ceiling

Do leaking kitchen faucets waste water?

Yes, kitchen faucets do waste water, but in very small quantities. It won't cause catastrophic damage to the environment if you don't get it fixed, but, it'll probably cost a good deal in repairs sooner or later.

Does your builings and contents insurance cover leaking bedroom ceiling caused by weather?

It will cover the building but not the contents.

How do you repair a drain link from the second story that is leaking onto the first floor ceiling?

By finding and repairing the leak.

What would be the reason why your shower drain would leak upstairs and cause a water stain on your ceiling?

A drain leak, a leaking shower pan, a leaking shower valve or piping, a leaking bezel or escutchions on the shower valve, bad or missing grout, bad caulking in the corners of the wall, a leaking shower door, water spilled on the floor, or, a drain pipe leak. any one or combination of the listed problems can do it. Look things over take care of what you can see wrong before making a hole in the ceiling. If you think you have fixed the leak repaint the stained area but prime 1st with Kilz or Binz to cover the stain or it will reappear through the paint even if the leak has stopped. If the leak hasn't stopped from taking care of the things you could see then open up a hole to see where it is coming from.

Why do gnats go up on the celing?

Gnats like the moisture and the warmth that they can find on the ceiling. For example, the moisture may be from a bathroom floor leaking into the ceiling of the room below. Or the moisture may be from the moisture and water vapor from a hot tub bath or shower rising to the bathroom ceiling.

Why is your ceiling leaking when you turn on your boiler?

Boiler . More information is needed is needed as to what exactly this boiler is and what connection it has to the ceiling. You are possibly referring to an in floor heating system or a hydronic heating system. We need more facts to get to a sensible answer.

If a leaking shower in an upstairs condo apartment causes damage and leakage in the ceiling in the apartment below who is responsible for repairs?

You should check on the laws in your area. In some regions, neither is responsible and your respective insurance companies pay for your own repairs. In others, the condo owner's insurance company above is repsonsible for paying. There may be a way to claim from the condo owner themselves.

If the upstairs patio is leaking through to the family room below - will homeowners insurance cover it?

If it was a sudden leak, they would cover it. But the would not pay to fix the leak in the patio

What people/services will fix leaking faucets fast?

For problems regrading your sink you should probably call a plumber. The plumber can examine your sink and determine why it's leaking. As for the places that you can call for the same day, it depends on the area where you leave. Each company is unique in regards to the time in which they will go to fix your problem.

Does a slow drain in bathtub have anything to do with overflow to cause ceiling damage?

NO -- you will have to open up wall behind tub to see where it is leaking from.

What is mold caused by?

Mould is mostly caused by humidity or leakage. For example, if you have mould on your ceiling, you should check if your roof isn't leaking.

You are in a flat UK and the bathroom ceiling is leaking through 2 screws holding your blind up you have spoken to your neighbor who advised that they have no leak is there another reason for this?

If the blind is on a window then the leak could be coming from the window sill upstairs. Pipes also are run through the walls and your neighbor may not be aware of any leak. Contact your property landlord before more extensive damage is done.

Why is it important to fix all leaky faucets?

because a leaky faucet can lead to other problems such as mildew,mold or the sink can be leaking because there is to much pressure somewhere, there is a part that is loose or broken etc.

What should you do if your shower would not turn off after you took a shower and you turned off the main to the house but it kept on running and it slowed when you opened other faucets?

The shower valve needs to be repaired! As for the water not shutting off when you turned off the main that is also needing replacement when it shut of by turning on other faucets you were simply diverting the flow from the leaking main shut off.

Will roof and ceiling damage be covered if almost 2 days of rain the roof started leaking and caused a hole in the ceiling?

The roof likely wont be covered for 'leaking' unless there is 'covered' damage to it (such as wind damage). The interior damage may or may not be covered depending on your specific policy. See Section I- Perils Insured Against, Coverage A (building) and Coverage B (other structures) in your policy. //

When upstairs shower tub or sink drains I can hear water leaking but there is no water stains in the ceiling or walls?

You could be hearing the water running threw the drain pipe and might not have a leak or if you think it is a leak then it could be leaking and following the pipe down threw the pipe holes but at sometime it will show where it is leaking.Many times if the piping used is non ferrous you can hear the water flowing THROUGH the piping and it can sound like a drip. To find a possible leak you should fill the tub and basin and allow them to drain at the same time as this will normally get the full volume needed to find any defects in the drainage system

How do you fix leaking pipe under the bath?

You can access the tub drain by cutting through the ceiling below, or cutting through the side wall backing up to the tub.

What would cause an upstairs toilet ball cock to start bobbing up and down of its own accord?

The flush valve (flapper) is leaking slightly, lowering the water level in the tank. To see if the flapper is leaking, put some food coloring in the tank and see if the color shows up in the bowl. This means the flapper is leaking by. Do not flush toilet for a while to see if the food coloring shows up in the bowl