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A drain leak, a leaking shower pan, a leaking shower valve or piping, a leaking bezel or escutchions on the shower valve, bad or missing grout, bad caulking in the corners of the wall, a leaking shower door, water spilled on the floor, or, a drain pipe leak. any one or combination of the listed problems can do it. Look things over take care of what you can see wrong before making a hole in the ceiling. If you think you have fixed the leak repaint the stained area but prime 1st with Kilz or Binz to cover the stain or it will reappear through the paint even if the leak has stopped. If the leak hasn't stopped from taking care of the things you could see then open up a hole to see where it is coming from.

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Q: What would be the reason why your shower drain would leak upstairs and cause a water stain on your ceiling?
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What could cause hot water in an upstairs bathtub to trickle but cold water run fine?

Bad shower valve.

What would cause the upstairs bathrooms to leak downstairs?

Gravity. Also- If someone takes a shower with the curtain on the outside of the tub this can happen.

What would cause a mildew stain in the ceiling of the downstairs bathroom?

This could be caused by your exhaust fan not properly removing moisture from your bathroom. It is always a good idea to use some X-14 (a mildew remover) every coupke of weeks when you start to see mildew. It is cause by lack of air flow in your bathroom, or a leak from upstairs. Is there is an upstairs bathroom? If so you might have a small leak somewhere in the supply or drain lines in the upstairs bathroom. If not a leak then possibly condensation is forming on a shower or tub above this bathroom.

What is the cause of downstairs shower and floor draining backing up?

The main drain is plugged. Not completely, but enough that it is easier for the upstairs water to come out in the shower and floor drain instead of going out the drain.

Why does water leak through my ceiling when my shower is running and not when you fill the tub?

the shower and bath water comes from two different places so their is two different pipes. Get the shower pipe checked out by a plummer and they cause fix the pipe.

What is likely cause of shower leak in ceiling below again after replacing shower pan when it did not leak for a long time now but is leaking again?

Shower body or pan not properly supported or the joint not properly caulked possibly a fiberglass pan with plastic piping

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What cause low water pressure in the shower?

If low pressure is only in the shower and no where else in the house the likely cause could be a clogged shower head.

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Can condensation cause floor to ceiling mold?


The water pressure in your upstairs bathroom is getting low you took the aerators of the sinks and found a white sentiment buildup on it you also removed the cartridges from your shower valve and also?

When the water pressure in your upstairs bathroom is getting low and you find a white sediment buildup in the aerator of the sink, it is the most likely cause of low pressure. You can also find the buildup in other fixtures including the shower valve and cartridges. Cleaning the sediment from the parts helps restore pressure.

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I am remodeling an upstairs bathroom in a 1950's home. I would like to tie the bathroom fan into the shower drain air vent.?

This is not advisable beside not being legal, This may potentially cause sewer gas leak into your resident.

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What would cause the shower head to leak when the shower pin is not pulled?

Seats in the main valve body are leaking by, allowing water to go to the shower head.

Leak behind the shower wall Can a worn out shower valve cause this?

try replacing o ring on spindle

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