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YES!! its called tiger text named after Tiger Woods i think. now go be pervs

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How delete key deletes character?

It deletes text to the right of the cursor. If some text is selected, it will delete all of that text at once.

If you are unable to make a call on a cellphone is it possible to send a text message?

Possibly. If you can't make a call, it is still possible to send a text message.

Is it possible to send text messages to your computer from a tracfone?

Well I have a Gmail account and you can send text messages to anyone with a U.S. cell phone.

How do you delete message recipients on a sony ericsson t715?

To delete your message recipients, You go to send a text and when the name or number is highlighted you Press the C button and it deletes it :)

Is it possible to send your text messages to a computer?

well, you can txt an email, which is on a computer

Is it possible to send voice message through telex?

No - telex is a text only service.

How do you say send text in Hebrew?

to send a text = shalakh text (שלח טקסט)

Can a blocked number send text messages?

yes.....it is possible for a person to block their number when sending a text message.....how, i have no idea.....i am researching that now.

Is it possible to send a text off a computer?

Yes, a lot of messengers and sites have that service for free.

What are the difference between text insertion and text over typing?

Text insertion 'pushes' any text to the right ahead of whatever you are typing; text over typing deletes any underlying text with whatever new text you are entering.

How can send sms to other person but you want to not display your cell number in his phone?

that's not possible when you text it automaticly gives your number out to the person you text

How do you send a restricted text?

Sending a resticted text message is not possible, but you can call using a resticted number doing 1) *67 2) whatever that the number is.

Can you send a text from the internet?

Yes it's possible. There are websites that provide this facility e.g. in India, way2sms.com is one such website from which you can send a text sms to any cell number in India. There must be one in your country too.

Which two keys on the keyboard do you delete characters with?

Backspace deletes the characters to the left of the cursor while delete deletes the characters to the right. (The cursor is the vertical line that flashes on and off where you are typing text)

How do you send texts?

You send a text message.

Which services allow a user to send text messages for free?

One service that allows a user to send Text Message for free is the Text Em website. Another option is to send free text messages from the Text for Free website.

Is it possible to text someone outside of your country?

It is possible by send international SMS from your operator (expensive!) or by using any free texting service (like CallsFreeCalls).

What is TXT in computer?

Text; To send a text message.

What key would you use delete text in Microsoft Word 2007?

The delete key deletes text to the right of the cursor and the backspace key, in the top right of your keyboard, will delete text to the left of the cursor.

How do you send a text to Starz TV?

just type in a text like can you play........ then you send the text to 7100. and then it will go through. (texts cost £1 per text) x

How do you Send a text message from a British mobile to a US cell phone?

the same thing you do when you text in america, just text them something and send it to their phone #

How can one send text messages?

One can send text messages by opening up the appropriate text icon on their phone and choosing who one wants to send a message to. Then one simply writes the message using the keypad and presses send.

Why cant you send pictures to facebook through text?

You can't send pictures to Facebook through text message, but you can send them through picture mail.

Do you have to pay to read a text?

No, you just have to pay to send a text!

How do you send a text message from your mac?

you click on messages and text.......

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