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Is it possible to time a 1995 Chevy van without a timing light if so be advise Thanks?



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Someone with a good ear might get it close by just adjusting by sound - but it won't really be right. With gas prices what they are, its worth it to get it right. Many auto parts stores will loan/rent tools. If you have used timing lights and understand how to do the work, it should only take a few minutes. If you can't do that, try asking some local garages what they will charge to set just the timing. Understand that if there are other problems affecting the engine, they won't get found or fixed. If you are sure its just the timing (did you change it accidently) this might be the cheapest. Consult a repair manual for the proper procedure - most librarys have car repair manuals. A couple of quarters will get you a photocopy of the correct pages.