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Is it possible to write dozens of pages a day?


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* With a clear idea of what to write about, it's certainly possible. * The first lines of the day are often the hardest, but keep free from distraction. * If one writes how s/he speaks, (conversational-style writing), it creates a natural rhythm in the writing that appeals to others. * If it's easy for a writer to hear what he or she is trying to say as they write it, chances are so will anyone who later reads it. * Another trick is, at the day, don't end the last paragraph or even the last sentence. Just leave it in the middle. The next day's writing can begin at a pre-existing place without having to sit and think up what direction to take next. A lot of times this helps that momentum lag writers often feel when they first sit down and helps to be more prolific. * Also, those who can type faster will be able to get more on paper by the end of the day. * Longhand works just as well because it's portable, although it is limiting in the amount a writer can achieve in a long amount of time since hands are liable to cramp after many hours of holding a pen or pencil. * It would help if this is a first priority, though, above sleeping and eating.


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