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I originally had 6 charge offs on my credit report. Paid four of them off and got one of the creditors to delete one from my credit file. Before doing that my score was a 571, 537 and a 615. Now, I know that when applying for a mortgage they use the # in the middle which would be the 571. My goal is simply to make it to 580 by December I paid everything up in late Oct. and was on all the creditors to makesure they reported to the credits buerues. Do you think it's possible to make my goal by then?

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 03:07:08
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Q: Is it really possible to improve your credit score within 7 days or even 30 days like a lot of websites claim?
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Can getting a credit card improve credit score after bankruptcy?

Yes, if you use it properly. Just getting one and doing nothing doesn't really help.

Is 632 a good credit score?

Not really. You are below average, but not horrible. The low 700s are average. Improve your score by lowering credit balances, paying bills on time and diversifying your credit portfolio.

List and explain the advantages and disadvantages of buying on credit?

I am not really into that stuff but if you go to other websites you will probably find it

Where can I see credit card offers?

You can usually see credit on their websites. Offers tend to cost money however, so I'd be careful about which ones you get. I really hope this helps!

Is it bad for your credit to have too many credit cards even if they are paid off in full every month?

yes, it is bad to have to many credit cards because it shows that you are able to spend this at any time you should keep 2 cards with the longest good credit history and cancel the rest. also to improve your credit history more spend $100 dollars and make monthly min. payments to show that you can pay off something and your credit score will really improve.

If you applied for additional credit cards because you were advised that to improve your credit you needed at least two new charges can you have a note stating this placed on your credit report?

Generally speaking, you only make notations on credit reports to explain extenuating reason for baad credit or reasons for dispute. The credit bureaus don't really care why you applied for a credit card in the first place.

Which websites will really give me 3 free credit bureau reports?

You can get free reports from all three major credit bureaus from You can only do this once per year. After that, if you desire another report, you will have to purchase it.

Where can I apply online to get a business credit card?

Well, I would recommend applying for business credit cards online with Visa or MasterCard because they have really low interest rates. But they also offer an option where you can apply for their business credit cards online on their official websites.

Can credit companys really help fix your credit?

So.... what you need to do is Improve your score! Let's get this going right now. What are we waiting for!!! Get the credit you deserve! I can help! Type this in just one word with no spaces! I promise they can help! ht tps ://yazing .com /deals/creditrepair/Acarrilllo53

What is the spending limit on a Sears credit card?

I've read on line that you can get a limit of $12,000 for your Sears credit card. I really don't know if that is actually possible, to have that big of a limit on a card like that.

What is really annoying on WikiAnswers?

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Can a company check your age when buying something off the internet with a credit card?

It wouldn't really be possible for them to do so, even if they wanted.

How can you manage your debt online?

You can use a program called MINT to manage your debt or credit card online. It is really safe, and there are also other websites that you can find online.

Is 650 a good credit score?

Depending on the scoring system used, that score may be considered low to average, but not really a great score. You should take steps to improve it.

How deep can sea lions dive?

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How do people get car finance with bad credit?

BAD CREDIT LOANS DEALS Bad Credit LoansBadCreditLoans provides an easy and convenient way for people to be matched with a personal loan from up to $5,000. i really liked and here is your link

What is the credit score impact of transferring your entire balance from a credit card to a new lower rate card account while keeping your old accound open with zero balance?

I've heard that if you keep your old account open (even with zero balance) can actually improve your credit score. The longer you keep credit card accounts open with out generating massive debt the more likely you'll get a better credit score. Depending on how large your balance is will really determine rather your credit score will get hurt or not (some will argue that it will not change your credit score but the answer varies from one opinion to the other) . You will be charged a fee by your previous credit card company though. Do not close your previous credit card account if you wish to improve your credit score, for some credit score companies may use it as a penalty against you (e.g. FICO).

How did the rumor that carrots improve your eyesight start?

really carrots does improve your eyesight :)

Will adding someone's name to a credit account in order to improve their credit effect the credit of the person whose card it is if the person added is not given a card?

The credit will only be effected based on the payment history, or the balance to limit ratio can have an affect. (i.e. if the credit card has a limit of $1000 and the balance is $999) or really over 50 percent of the limit it can affect your credit even you make the payments on time. It isn't the same way if you have a non-credit card type account. (i.e. a car loan or fixed type of loan). The biggest change that adding someone with bad credit to a loan or credit account can be is regarding the interest rate. If your doing it simply to improve credit, then make sure the loan amount is very small so you don't over pay interest.

What is the highest credit score possible?

It depends on the Credit Reporting Agency because they all use varying models. The maximum FICO score is 850. The maximum VantageScore (a new score now used by Experian, among others) is 990. For FICO, the highest possible credit score is 850, but anything above 700 is really good. Below 620 you are considered a serious credit risk and will pay high interest rates on any loans, credit cards, etc. you can get.

How can you check your credit score online?

By law the three main credit reporting agencies (Equifax, Trans Union, and Experian) must give you at least one free credit report a year through "Annual Credit Report". Unfortunately, this report does not have to contain your credit score. If you really need to know your actual score, there are dozen of websites (like Free Credit Report) that will give you your credit score. Be CAREFUL that the vast majority of these sites will sign you up for a monthly service that you have to cancel unless you want to pay.

How do credit union loans compare to other loans available at banks?

"Credit Union Loans are usually really competitive, so it may be really hard to actually get a Credit Union Loan unless you have a superb credit history."

What are some really good definition websites?

The best websites are and

Do the we fix bad credit sites really work?

Yes and no. Yes because there are several bad credit sites that really work and no because not all sites really work.

What are the functions of credit services?

Many online companies offer help to repair and improve your credit score. Here's a company my mom used last year. She said they were patient and not pushy throughout the process. She was happy with them and has gotten her way to getting back to decent credit. yazing.c om/deals/creditrepair/animanifest

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