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Is it really true that yahoo AOL etc give 5 cents per each mail forward for unlucky and needy people?

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2010-02-18 20:49:40
2010-02-18 20:49:40

See a very good example of Little Natalie Hoax mail see the link below


No, it isn't! It is just a spam.

Have you ever seen a lot of advertising when you get such a chain mail. Well, it is a way for some companies to earn money by spreading ads in their poor-boy-needes-money mails and nothing else. So next time when you get an email regarding that there is a boy who has cancer and needs money, just don't forward that mail because it's a spam by some money makers (capitalist pigs!!!).


No, it is NOT true!

It is just another way to spread spam; or worse yet, spread malware or spyware among the thousands of e-mail addresses that end up in the bodies of the forwarded copies of a scam e-mail such as this.

Often such an e-mail will have mal-ware or spy-ware embedded in it. The intent can range from outright criminal where a hacker is trying to harvest personal data, or at the very least, very annoying by way of spreading spam. Sometimes the spammer or hacker is spreading these so e-mail addresses can be harvested by embedded spyware and these addresses will be forwarded back to the spammer who will sell them to unscrupulous spam advertisers who try to lure buyers.

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