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Scientists test make up on animals, and many animals are killed because of it, so I would say wrong.

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โˆ™ 2007-07-04 21:47:35
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Q: Is it right or wrong to test make up on animals?
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What is the importance of a test specification?

you need test to see if it is right or wrong. You also need to test 10times maybee to make sure it's right or wrong. you need test to see if it is right or wrong. You also need to test 10times maybee to make sure it's right or wrong.

Does channel test on animals?

yes and it is wrong.

What do scientists test in animals?

Scientists inject diseases into the animals to see how long it takes for them to die or to see what kind of cures they can make for the diseases. Personally, i think it's wrong to test on animals.

Are test tube babies right or wrong?

it is not right

What is the right or wrong thing now test test?

tes test

Is it right to test things which may benefit humans on animals?

If it is harmful to the animals, then no, it's not right to test it on animals. But if it is totally harmless, then it is okay. But I wouldn't say it is 'right'.

Does creme of nature test on animals?

Yes they do, and Ithink it is wrong!

How do you say that it was a test to find out the right and wrong guy difference?

No you say nothing just do the test and make the decision you own nobody a explanation.

Why is it moraly right to test products on animals?

it is not moraly right to test on animals. animals are killed by the products sometimes. that is not right. they use rats mice bunnies fish dogs and chimpanzees

What are the test on animals for?

= "What are the test on animals for?" = = They test mainly new vaccines that they want to make available to humans, so they test on animals to make sure that the vaccines are safe, and actually work. =

What else can scientists test on besides animals?

They can test on almost anything. Why they test on animals right now, I don't know.

Is make up testing on animals right?

There are several cosmetic companies which do not test on animals, so not only is it completely unnecessary, it is also cruel.

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