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Is it right to leave home at 14 if your parents beat you?

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Not on your own, you have to involve social workers. Otherwise the police will look for you as a runaway.

but if you get it all organized like tell your parents something that isn't really that bad but would make your parents flip out on you and take a video of how abusive they are and take it to court. make sure you have a few friends to protect you tho and bring defensive weapons. rem you want your parents pissed off. make sure tho that you have a place to go after you leave home or get kicked out, like for me I've got a friend whose mom would probably let me but I'm carefully planning it all out before i do it, and I've got a lot of people behind me on it, and if they were there and my parents would try to hurt me theyd intervene. get friends like that. oh and talk to the guidance counslers at your school they could help. and just to play it safe look up all the stuff about adoption and the legal papers that are involved

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Age to stop spanking?

There is no one right age. Parents have a right to spank their kids until they leave home.

What is the rights of a teen parent that is still living at home with their parents in Illinois?

A teen parent living at home with their parents has the right and responsibility to raise their child and not leave it up to the grandparents to do it.

If parents force a nineteen year old to leave home does he or she have a right to take his or her clothes and belongings?

If a 19 year olds parents make them the teen leave the home, the teen should be able to take their belongs. A policeman can escort the teen back to the home to get his or her belongings.

Can you leave at 15?

leave home you can't do that you have to have your parents permition to do that

Can you leave your parents at age 17 with out getting in trouble?

You will only be able to leave your parents home at 17 with permission. the parents can call the police if you leave before you are 18.

Can you legally leave home when you are 17?

She or he can leave home at the age of 17 yours old in texas. parents can not stop you. it is legal for them to leave.

If you are 17 year old male and you move in with your 16 year old fiances parents home can your parents make you come back home in NY?

Of course they can make you come back. Getting a girl pregnant does not give you the right to leave home against your parents wishes.

How do you remove wife from home in Tennessee?

If she will not leave, you have the right to leave. If you purchased the home while the two of you were married, she has the right to stay in it.

When can you legally leave your parents home in Texas?

When you are 18.

Legal age to move out of parents home?

Can a child leave parents home when 18, although they are still in school.

How do you beat Home Sheep Home?

you do what ever feels right.

What can your parents do if you leave home at 17?

Your parents can call the cops on you , and you can go to jail , because your still a minor and you don't have there consent to leave .

At what age is it legal for a minor to leave their parents' home without fear of going to juvenile detention?

up until the age of 18, in most places, you parents have the right to force you to come home and you can be put in juvenile detention.

Can a parent make a 18 year old leave his home?

Yes, they have the right to tell them to leave. Once the child is an adult, age 18, the parents are no longer legally responsible for them. They can even charge them with trespassing if they don't leave.

How old do you have to be to leave home?

you have to be at leats 16 with parents permission.

In Queensland can a 14 year old leave home without parents consent?

no you can lwavw homw WITH PARENTS CONSENT at 16 but you must be 18 to leave home without parental consent.

When children grown up and leave home parents most frequently report feeling?

Typically most parents report feeling happy when their children have grown up and leave home.

How can a 16 year old in Missouri legally leave home?

They can get their parents' permission to leave home. Or be removed by child protective serves.

What happens when you get caught with marijuana in your home?

Your behind gets beat by your parents!

Can parents ask adult children to leave home?

Adult children like...? 18 years old? Yes if you live in your parents house and you are 18 or older your parents can ask you to leave.

Truefalse you can leave home without your parents permission when your 16?


What do you do if you are forced to believe a religion by your parents?

Be respectful until you leave home.

What age do you have to be to move away from home in England?

In England and with your parents consent you are allowed to leave home between the ages of eighteen and sixteen years but without the consent of your parents then you must be eighteen years of age otherwise if youre under the age of eighteen and leave home without the consent of your parents then your parents may call the police who are legally obliged to bring you back to the home of your parents .

What is the age to leave home without parents permission in Montana?

18 years old. At 18 you are an adult and can leave home. Until that time you are a minor.

In Mississippi can an 18 year old who is still in high school legally leave their parents home?

It depends on what you're asking: # Sure, it is legal for an 18 year old to leave his parents (at) home if he doesn't want them to go (presumably, to high school) with him. # Sure, it is legal to leave the parents' (or parent's) home [home of one's parent(s)] unless that 18 year old is on house arrest.