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Is it right to leave home at 14 if your parents beat you?

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September 13, 2011 3:07AM

Not on your own, you have to involve social workers. Otherwise the police will look for you as a runaway.

but if you get it all organized like tell your parents something that isn't really that bad but would make your parents flip out on you and take a video of how abusive they are and take it to court. make sure you have a few friends to protect you tho and bring defensive weapons. rem you want your parents pissed off. make sure tho that you have a place to go after you leave home or get kicked out, like for me I've got a friend whose mom would probably let me but I'm carefully planning it all out before i do it, and I've got a lot of people behind me on it, and if they were there and my parents would try to hurt me theyd intervene. get friends like that. oh and talk to the guidance counslers at your school they could help. and just to play it safe look up all the stuff about adoption and the legal papers that are involved