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I would not wait to take an antibiotic for an abcess tooth! If you get the tooth pulled with the infection still in are in for one rude awakening when he attempts to pull that tooth!

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Q: Is it safe if the dentist said to wait three days until your next appointment to take a prophylaxis antibiotic to pull an abscessed tooth?
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Is cephalexin a good antibiotic for dental prophylaxis?

Prophylaxis means prevention . . . I do not believe any dentist or doctor in their right minds would prescribe an antibiotic to protect your teeth against a potential future infection.

What antibiotic should you take for an abscessed tooth?

Penicillin or amoxycillin is the primary choice. But 15% of people are allergic to that antibiotic. Only a dentist or a physician can chose the best antibiotic for you.

How long does it take for an abscessed tooth to heal?

You must see a dentist, who will prescibe an antibiotic for seven days.

Can the amox tr-k clv 875-125 tasan be used for an abscessed tooth?


Can septra be used for a abscessed tooth?

Probably, its a broad spectrum antibiotic, which means it covered a large portion of bacteria, but go to the dentist good luck

What antibiotic should be taken for an abscessed molar tooth?

Your dentist will know which type is right for you. I had an abscessed tooth too. I had to be on antibiotics for 4 weeks to get rid of the infection. Then I had to have a root canal done. It did not hurt at all and I am afraid of the dentist. Amoxicillin, Biaxin or clindamycin are often used in treating dental infections.

Which is better amoxicillin or penicillin when you have an absess on a tooth?

The best antibiotic for an abscessed tooth can depend on how bad the infection is and which the dentist prefers. Sometimes penicillin is best if the infection is bad. Amoxicillin is part of the penicillin family and is associated with the treatment of abscessed teeth.

Can you use Bactrim to treat an Abscessed tooth?

Normally it is quite difficult for any antibiotic to get to the abscess in an abscessed tooth. The infection is usually somewhere in the root and does not have a good blood supply. If your dentist gave you Bactrim, he probably did not give it to you to treat the abscess, but to treat the infection in the bone below the tooth. The usual way to treat the abscess, is to drill it out. It is not normally just treated with an antibiotic.

Is sulfur a treatment for an abscessed tooth?

No, sulfur would not be used as a medical treatment. Possibly you are confusing it with sulfa drugs, an early antibiotic. Consult your dentist if you actually have an abscess. This is not something to treat with a home remedy.

Can a impacted abscessed wisdom tooth heal?

yes but with medical treatment by a dentist

What dentist should Hakim go to for an abscessed tooth that needs a root canal?

An endodontist

Children need to only have one dentist appointment a year. ?

Children need to only have one dentist appointment a year.

Can a abscessed tooth cause paranoid schizophrenia?

Good question. Ask your psychiatrist, then your dentist, and compare.

How to Know When to Contact an Emergency Dentist?

Making an appointment at a dentist can be extremely difficult for people who have a serious fear of dental work. Many people who keep putting off going to the dentist because of this phobia eventaully find themselves in a situation in which they have a sudden emergency that needs immediate medical attention. No matter how uncomfortable you might be about making a dentist appointment, severe pain is always a sign that something is seriously wrong and needs to be treated, but some dental situations are so dangerous that they require immediate care by either an emergency dentist or the emergency ward at a hospital. Let’s take a look at the two most common types of tooth problems that need to be treated by an emergency dentist: an abscessed tooth and a broken tooth. An abscessed tooth is a tooth that has become infected by bacteria and can be may require emergency care. As the bacteria multiply in the infected area, the infection can spread to other parts of the mouth and face. If the infection makes into the bloodstream and reaches the brain, the complications of an abscessed tooth can lead to permanent injury and even death. Abscessed teeth are not always painful, as the nerve in the tooth has sometimes been destroyed by the time that the tooth becomes infected. The easiest way to tell if you have a tooth that has become abscessed is if a tooth that you have been having trouble with for some time suddenly emits an extremely foul taste and odor. In many cases, an abscessed tooth will also cause facial swelling on the side of the mouth where the tooth has become abscessed. The other most common reason that a person may need to be rushed to a dentist is a broken tooth. If your mouth has been injured due to an accident or violence, it is extremely important to visit an emergency dentist as quickly as possible. A broken tooth can quickly become abscessed without dental care. In many cases, an dentist can restore the tooth much like a broken bone if the broken section of the tooth can be found. If possible, bring any pieces of the tooth with you to the dentist in a class of cold milk.

What is the difference between an infected tooth and an abscessed tooth?

An infected tooth is an abscessed tooth. You need antibiotics quickly so you don't allow the infection to get out of control (sepsis). Sepsis is the infection poisoning the blood stream and infecting the body so severely, it can cause death. See a reputatable dentist, take antibiotics (the full course). If you don't complete the antibiotic therapy, the infection can linger and return resistant to the same antibiotic, requiring more in depth therapy.

How do you treat an abscessed tooth?

An abscessed tooth can be treated with a root canal and a crown, or with an apicoectomy (if the root canal has failed) or with an extraction. Only your dentist can tell you which option is best for your individual situation.

Does dentist have to be capital in a sentence?

It it is a person place or thing kinda like jobs Dentist

What happens if an abscessed tooth ruptures?

Abscessed means infection and if it ruptures, this means that fluid will spill in to your mouth which could cause further infection the best thing to do is to see a dentist who will give you antibiotics.

Where can one book an appointment to visit a DDS Dentist?

You can book a appointment with a DDS Dentist at the ZocDoc website. There you will be able to tell the website what kind of doctor/dentist you want to book an appointment with, their location and their information based on the location you picked on the handy map at the top of the page.

Are pretreatment antibiotics still necessary for patients with mitral valve prolapse?

The American Heart Association (AHA) recently modified the protocols for prophylaxis antibiotic coverage. Many patients (in fact, the vast majority) who were routinely pre-medicated before dental treatment are no longer pre-medicated. To determine whether antibiotic coverage is appropriate for you, check with your cardiologist or dentist.

Should you make an appointment before going to the dentist?

Yes. Dentist offices are not walk in friendly.

Should an abscessed tooth be removed or treated if there is no pain but the X-rays show the tooth to be abscessed?

Yes, you should have an abscessed tooth either removed (or a root canal) done. It depends on what the dentist says. First, the dentist will put you on antibiotics to be sure the abscess is cleared up and then do the procedure. Most dentists prefer to save your teeth if at all possible so discuss the root canal as an option.

Cavities in between teeth?

you should contact your dentist and set up an appointment. They might have to pull out some of your teeth...=o you should contact your dentist and set up an appointment. They might have to pull out some of your teeth...=o you should contact your dentist and set up an appointment. They might have to pull out some of your teeth...=o you should contact your dentist and set up an appointment. They might have to pull out some of your teeth...=o

How can you use the word appointment in a sentence?

Jen had a dentist appointment at 1 so she had to leave school early

How do you cure an abscesse tooth?

Go to a dentist you can get very sick from an abscessed tooth. Probably antibiotics are required to clear the infection