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Is it safe to consume cornstarch if you are a diabetic?

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There is no reason you can't have cornstarch when you have Diabetes. Just like anything else, moderation is the key. My mother was diagnosed as a diabetic when she was 35 years old (went in for a gall bladder operation and was then diagnosed with it) and she had to take the shots of insulin. She lived to be a ripe old age of 83 with few illnesses.

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Can a diabetic consume honey?


Would a type 2 diabetic be safe to consume a orange?

For some people it can be safe to consume an orange. For other people an orange is not advised (especially if they are non-insulin dependant diabetic). Everyone is different. Eat according to your meter. In other words, you need to eat according to your blood glucose meter. Use your meter to simply test your blood (after consuming an orange or other foods containing carbohydrate). Your meter will show you what is safe and not safe for you as an individual.

How many calories should a diabetic male consume a day?

10,322 calories. My husband is a diabetic

Is cornstarch safe to use on pregnant belly?

Yes, unless your are allergic to cornstarch on your skin.

Are energy drinks safe for diabetic?

As far as I know there are 2 types of diabetic. If you are the type that cannot consume sugar then: No, they are loaded with sugar. If you have suffer from too low of blood sugar levels then i'd imagine they're good for a boost

Is whiskey safe for diabetic?


What are safest herbs for a diabetic to eat?

If you have diabetes you should avoid the following herbs: licorice, Asian ginseng, Gotu Kola, rosemary. Other herbs should be safe for you to consume.

Can a diabetic consume sugar?

yes, it is just the amount of sugar i think

Is cornstarch safe in a low sodium diet?


Is it safe to kiss a diabetic?


Is this safe for diabetic to use?

yes. :)

Is dextrose safe for a diabetic?

not really

What is the meal plan example for people like me who are diabetic?

Foods that you would want to consume if you are a diabetic, are healthy foods, that do not contain much fat or sugar in them. Try to consume foods that are sugar free and healthy for you.

How many grams of fats should diabetic consume per day?


Is Pepsi Cola safe to consume?

Yes, Pepsi Cola is safe to consume. Millions of people worldwide drink it daily.

How safe is it for a diabetic to have your belly button pierced?


Are diabetic diets safe to follow?

Diabetic diets are safe and healthy to follow. In fact, if you have diabetes and the diet has been recommended by your doctor, you may be endangering your health by not following it.

Is mannitol natural and safe to consume?

Mannitol is found naturally in things like asparagus. It is safe to consume and is an alternative to other sweeteners.

Is brown sugar better for a diabetic person?

There is no "safe" or "better" sugar for a diabetic other than less sugar.

How many grams of sugar should a pre diabetic woman consume per day?


Is cornstarch safe for mice?

Yes it is, but you should not feed it to them. They will only eat it if they are starving.

Can a diabetic man impregnate a woman and the baby be safe?


What is the content of sugar in a medium banana and is it safe for a diabetic to have?

bananas contain 12.23 grams of sugar per 100 grams of fruit. As to whether it safe for a diabetic, consult your medical practitioner

What foods should a diabetic person eat?

Some of the foods a diabetic person should consider eating are fruits, especially apples and pomegranates, spices such as cinnamon, oatmeal, green vegetables, and a diabetic must consume lots of protein.

Where can a person find about about he diabetic food chart? is a good reference about the diabetic food chart. It lists the foods one can consume if they have diabetes and all the calories and other nutrition info in the food.