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Best not to empty a gunite pool, period. Having the pool surface exposed to air and temperature chanfes and drying will result in cracking.

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Q: Is it safe to drain a gunite pool for the winter?
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Is it safe to drain a pool in the summer?

as long as you have not had a bunch of rain and the soil is saturated. if it is you will have a pool that is not in the ground becasue the weight of the water is holding the pool in place. Yes it is safe.

Which is the better choice for a new pool gunite or fiberglass?

Both pools have many features Both fiberglass and gunite swimming pools can have almost all the same custom accessories and great equipment. You can design any size or shape gunite pool shell and customize the surface to almost any color quite easily. A fiberglass pool shell manufacturer is like a boat dealer with a catalog of models produced and custom sizes are generally not available. A fiberglass pool can be installed a bit faster than a gunite pool but the major investment you will make in either project usually never warrants a decision based on a few weeks time built sooner. Your gunite pool can have a built in hot tub or water feature , but your fiberglass pool can also. You have more options with coping on a gunite pool than fiberglass, but your fiberglass pool can still be made to look like a gunite pool if you like. A fiberglass pool shell can have a lifetime warranty for factory defects and most gunite builders also offer a similar warranty, I always say though when is the last time you saw a defective bag of concrete or tub of fiberglass resin? The surfaces of both pools can be as diverse as the pools themselves, you can go with white polyester gel coat on fiberglass or white marcite on gunite, your choice can be a custom quartz finish with a fiberglass pool or a custom quartz finish with a gunite shell also, with each pool shell having a respective warranty for finish from as little as one year to as many as 10 full years or more. Both finishes are very dependent on your skills as a pool-owner to manage them, all information you learned when you bought your pool from a licensed , insured swimming pool professional. Fiberglass pool shells rarely get deeper than 8 foot the minimum standard for a diving pool, while a custom shell with gunite can be built to exceed many standards. The old myths of falty fiberglass and gunite swimming pools have been propagated by dealers long since gone out of business. If your looking for a reliable and safe pool that keeps its value backed by strong dealer sales and service networks fiberglass and gunite are equally great choices and readily available. It's never been a better time to be in the circle of pool ownership. good swimming

How can you make earth a better place?

you can recycle, conserve water, drive an eco safe or hybrid car, don't or use less of air poluting self care items like hairspray, during the winter drain out your pool or cover it, etc...

Is it safe to dump MgI2 down the drain?

no it is not safe to dump MgI2 down the drain because it will eat away the material and other compounds in your drain.

What type of bubbles are safe for an inground pool?

Most likely bubbles that do not actually use soap. There are many formulas that you can mix up to make bubbles. Try finding a combination that won't ruin your pool filter and if possible, keep you from having to drain the pool.

Can you put bleach in a kiddie pool to kill algi is it safe?

Not if you let the kids into it. Better to drain it, use bleach to clean and kill the algi, and then rinse well.

What is the best way to protect our pool as it was prepped for re plastering but do to money and weather all work has stopped till next spring should we fill it with water with exposed gunite?

It should be fine without water, but it would be safe to add some.

When is it safe to drain an inground pool?

When draining an in ground pool you must always be sure that groundwater surrounding the pool is not high enough to cause the pool to start to float. Even a concrete pool Will float if the groundwater under it is too high. Many pools are fitted with a hydrostatic valve in the deepest part of the pool to allow ground water into the pool if the water pressure on the outside of the pool gets too high.

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Is it safe to swim in an unfiltered pool?


Is air condition water drain safe?


How do you winterize above ground pool that has a main drain?

Buy some RV antifreeze (the kind that is safe for pets) and pour enough into the drain to ensure the piping is full back to the main body of water. You may have to mix the antifreeze 50-50 with water.

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