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It is an old wives tale that it is a labor inducer. I however can assure you from personal experience that it is only a laxative. I tried it with my first son and I got so scared in the middle of the runs tha I called my OBGYN and he just "hee hawed" on the phone! He said it was what I got for trying to rush things. It didn't hurt any thing but my pride. I was cleaned out for a few days!! Baby came 2 weeks later. Right on my due date. Good luck. Baby needs to be in womb 40 weeks. Walk and stay active if you want to induce labor.

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Q: Is it safe to drink castor oil at 35 weeks?
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Can you drink castor oil at 32 weeks pregnant?

Castor oil is contraindicated during pregnancy. You will be given some gentle and safe purgative by your physician.

Can you take castor oil at 37 weeks?

Can you take castor oil at 37 weeks

Is it safe to take castor oil at 27 weeks pregnant?

No, because if you drink Castor Oil during an early development stage you may harm the baby .The harm happens because drinking Castor Oil causes diarrhea Which may cause your baby to have a bowl movement in the womb.

Is drinking Castor Oil while your baby is in breech position safe?

A doctor will never tell you to drink Castor Oil. There are no studies that show Castor Oil will induce labor or help your baby flip from the breech position.

Can you drink caster oil at 39 weeks?

Purgatives are not a good idea in pregnancy. If you feel you need to drink castor oil, check with your doctor first.

I am currently 40 weeks today is due date is castor oil safe?

Yes, it is safe to take 60 ml.

Will you go into labor if you drink castor oil at 32 weeks?

You will not go in labor normally at 32 weeks of pregnancy, when you take Castor oil. But then this is not universally true. So you do not give such a brisk purgative to the pregnant woman, at this stage of pregnancy.

You are 39 weeks and dialated 2cm how much castor oil do you think you should take to get things started?

i don't know about castor oil so i won't advise you...but i know cuz i did it --i walk alot and had sex--i went to labor faster and took me 2 hours to have my baby and drink alot of water too but ask your doctor about castor oil if its safe or not or maybe someone will right to you if it work or not... congrat

What will happen if i take caster oil before 30 weeks?

You can cause yourself to go into preterm labor is you take Castor Oil before you are 30 weeks pregnant. It is suggested that you do not drink this while you are pregnant.

Is it safe to take castor oil when your 38wks and dialated 3cm?

I wouldn't do it. You only have about 2 weeks to go anyway. Gutsy up.

Will castor oil induce labor at ten weeks?


Can i drink castor oil when my Baby's head is up?


Is it ok to drink castor oil at 40 weeks Pregnant?

ya it is fine i just got home from my doctors and i am over due she set me a date to induce but said that it would be fine to drink castor oil 3 or 4tblspoons of it cuz nothing is happening 4 me my cervix is 100% but other then that nuthin

Will castor oil induce labor at 34 weeks?


Does castor oil work if your only 36 weeks pregnant Will it induce your labor?

Castor oil generally doesn't work. It often just gives you diarrohea

Is castor oil fish oil?

Castor oil is extracted from castor seeds

Im 34 weeks pregnant had the celestone for thebaby's lungs and baby weighs 5 pounds is it safe to take castor oil?

I don't see how it could be safe to take castor oil, isn't it a laxative? It could cause cramps, and induce should talk to you obgyn before taking anything.

Does vegetable oil work the same as castor oil to induce birth?

Yes, but don't drink it.

Is it safe to use castor oil to induce labor at 38 weeks?

I used castor oil when i was 39 weeks and it did nothing but make me vomit severly and pee in my pants and cause my stomache to cramp realy bad but no labor. just give it time the baby will come .oh ya sex helps and walking helps!

Is it safe to take castor oil at 38 weeks and if so how much should i take?

i took castor oil 2 days ago it didnt work though take 3 tablespoons with orange juice be prepared to go to the toilet though it may or may not work it did for my neighbour but not for me mores the pity..... im 38 weeks 3 days

How you extract castor oil from castor oil?

You can extract castor with an oil extracting machine like a screw oil press.

Will castor oil work if your cerixcal length is 1.5cm and you are at 37 weeks?

Don't take castor oil. It won't put you into labor, you'll go into labor when your body is ready. Castor oil will give you agonizing'll be sorry you'd ever taken it.

You are 36 weeks pregnant with contractions for 2 weeks that are 4 minutes apart but aren't intense enough not dilated Should you try castor oil?

No, castor oil is a laxative and could make things worse. You need to discuss this with your doctor.

How long does it take to get diarrhea?

I suppose that would depend on what you eat/drink, but if you are in a hurry to get it, drink some castor oil.

Does castor oil induce labor when 40 weeks?

No, it just gives you cramps and diarrhoea