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Is it safe to fluctuate between going on and going off the pill?

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I can think of no medical problems, however you are not going to be protected from prgnancy. If you are sexually active and don't want to be pregnant, stay on some form of Birth Control.

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How long after going off pill is it safe to become pregnant?

Safety is not the issue. The pill only stops your periods. Once you stop taking the pill, you can become pregnant within a month or two - depending how fertile you are.

How much do silver prices fluctuate in an average week?

Silver prices do not typically fluctuate a lot in a week. Silver and Gold are both slow and safe.

When is it safe to have unprotected sex while you are on the pill?

If by "safe" you mean avoiding disease, you should know that the Pill does not protect against disease.

If you stop talking your pill a week early and have no sex in the gap then start on the pill again after a 7 day break is it safe?

No way! You must take the pill for seven days before you are safe.

How safe are you if the condom splits but have been on the pill for 15 years?

after being on the pill for 15 years how safe am i if the condom splits when having sex or should i go to my doctors tomorrow and get the morning after pill

If you are on the pill but it is for skin care reasons can the pill still be used for safe sex and work?

The pill being used for skin care reasons has the same effectiveness as if you were to use it for safe sex. It can be used for safe sex and yes, it will work if you take it correctly.

Is it safe to take the pill and a spermicidal suppository or film as added protection against pregnancy?

I would consider it safe to use another form of birth control along with the pill as long as it didn't contain hormones as the pill does. You don't want to put too many different hormones in your body. If you can buy it at a store without a prescription from a doctor, it's probably safe to take with the pill. But read the package just to be safe. It will say on the package not to take with the pill if it isn't safe.

What over the counter diet pill safe and effective?

Safe: yes. Effective: arguable.

What is Rhino MV3 3 day pill?

is it safe

Is trust pill okay for lactating mothers?

Daphne pill from trust is okay and safe for lactating moms.

You are on the pill and want to know if you need to use a condom during the green pill phase?

no you are still safe ;)

If you take birth control pill after sex will you be safe?

To be safe you have to follow the directions on the birth control.

Can you stop pregnancy with a pill after 6 weeks?

The I pill will keep you safe in three days or 72 hours only.

Is the pill safe for users?

Yes, except if you choke on it and die.

Is melatonin safe for children under the age of 3?

Answer:No, Melatonin is not necessary nor safe for children.Answer:yes, but you should only give them half a pill to one pill, depending on their age.

What is the chance of getting pregnant if the condom broke but you are on the pill and you cleaned out as much as you could?

Luckily you are on the pill for double protection as the pill is 98% safe. So you should not be pregnant?

Is taking the mini pill safe while you are waiting for the jadelle to wrk?

Yes, it's safe to continue using the birth control pill even while waiting for Jadelle to become effective.

Do antihistamines affect birth control?

There are no known drug interactions between antihistamines and the pill, patch, shot, ring, IUD, or contraceptive implant.No, you're safe =]

Is it safe to stop taking the pill if I decided to go celibate?


What is a blue circle pill from silden for?

If you have found a pill, do not eat it or offer it round, take it straight to a chemist's shop for safe disposal.

Is it safe to take a contraceptive pill during periods?

You should take your birth control pill on schedule regardless of any bleeding.

Is prosolution (penis Enlargement pill) a safe, effective, and/or fda approved If not are there any safe recomendations you can give me?

The Prosolution pill has been approved by the FDA. For safety, be sure to follow the directions and consult your physician.

If you are off the pill for a few days is it safe to go back on?

If you are off the contraceptive pill for a few days, it is safe to go back on. However, it is important to use another contraceptive for the following 7 days until you are fully protected again by the pill, if you want to avoid pregnancy.

Is Yaz birth control a safe contraception method?

As safe as any birth control pill 99.9% if taken as instructed.

Do you need to use a condom while on the pill and the pill is affective?

To be safe... probably.. because not all ways to prevent birth are 100% affective

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