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Is it safe to lift weights every day?

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no u can hurt ur muscles and you can get really hurt

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Is it more beneficial to run 5 miles every day or every other day and lift weights on those off days?

It depends how old you are. If you're barely a teenager, you should run every other day and lift weights 3 times a week. If youre older, then run every other day and lift weights on off days.

How many days a week should you lift weights?

3 every 2nd day

What should you do to get a six pack?

Do torso and chest exersise every day and lift weights.

Should you weight lift everyday?

Its best to switch things up. Lift weights one day and then do some abb's and core. Weights are good to do every other day not every day! Its best to switch things up. let me know if you have any other questions.

Is it ok to lift weights every other day?

It's best to work out every other day, or you can work different muscle groups everday.

How many hours a day do you have to lift weights?


Should you lift weights if your still sore from the day before?


Is it ok to lift light weights everyday?

It is perfectly acceptable to lift weights every day. However, you must be careful not to overtrain. You can accomplish this by rotating the muscle groups you use in each workout, and limiting the duration or intensity of your training. It is definitely NOT okay to hit the same muscles with high intensity day after day.

How much weights should you lift to notice change in a few weeks?

if you're really looking for results you need to lift heavy weights and work out a different muscle every day. eating right and using supplements would also help.

When should you do weights?

You should lift weights about 3 times a week. Any time of the day is good.

Can you lift weights the day after a tetanus shot?

it is not good for you to but you can if you want to get injured

When is it the best time of day to lift weights?

When nobody is around to laugh at you.

Should a 12 year old lift weights every day?

No. Lifting every day can damage the muscles and stunt a 12 year old's growth. You should try every other day or 3 times a week. Or do different upper-body excersisess.

Should I mix my weight training accessories with the purchase of a treadmill, or is it better to stick with one or the other?

You shouldn't lift weights every day or at least you shouldn't work the same muscle groups every day.Your muscles need a day to recover.So it's great to alternate training with weights with cardio exercise.You do one type every other day and the other in between.

Can you lift weights and play basketball on the same day?

you can but you may get very very sour the next day

How long should you lift weights everyday?

You should take a couple days off in between your training. The day you do not lift weights go swimming or do some cardio to keep your consistency and routine going. The reason you should not lift weights everyday is because muscle needs to rest in order to be built. You may not feel tired but your muscles need a day where you don't work them. Lift weights Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday and do more cardio on tues, thurs, sat. Or if you NEED to lift weights everyday focus on a different area each day. Work your arms one day only, then the next day your legs only etc etc. Get plenty of sleep and eat well.

Is it okay to lift weights everyday?

It's okay to lift everyday but you must give your body at least a day of rest from the training.

Is it good for your body to lift weights one day and the next day just run?

Yes, but it might be better if you did weights for a couple of days, have a break and then do running, or you might pull a muscle.

How Long Do I Have To Lift Weights For Me To Tell A Difference In My Muscle Tone?

almost 30 hr of 1 hr increments but mix it up do sit ups and pull ups one day and lift whegts the next but dont lift to much just get about a pound more every time.

Is it good to lift weights one day and then push ups the next?

yes it wont hurt you to do a little exercising

Is there anything wrong with lifting weights two times in one day?

Well it depends on how heavy the weights are and how much you lift them. If they are heavy, then be careful; don't overwork yourself or you will be sore the next day. You can judge what is right for yourself.

I drink 2 glasses of chocolate milk each day and I lift weights every other day and I drink protein shakes should I stop drinking chocolate milk to get muscular or not please help?

Yes but you can still drink regular milk

How often do hockey players do weight training?

I am hockey player and we (team) useally lift weights each 2nd day.

Is it safe to eat Atlantic salmon every day?

It probably is safe, as eating fish every day, in moderate portions shouldn't do a person any harm. There are people who do eat salmon every day, and it doesn't harm them.

How do the dancing stars keep in shape?

I'm sure some of them run or lift light weights but for the most part, believe it or not, just practicing ballroom dancing for an hour or so every day will keep you in pretty good shape.