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I asked my doc the same question today.

I'm NOT sure about klonopin, I don't take that drug.

My doctor said that taking ambien (zolpidem) together with Ativan (lorazepam) is safe, since it functions on different receptors in the brain. So there shouldn't be a synnergic effect.

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Is it safe 20mg ambien taken with 3 mg Klonopin?

Yes, I take 20mg of ambien and 1 mg of klonopin every night for the last 10 yrs as prescribed by my Dr.

What is safe to take with Adderall xr for occasional anxiety?

Ativan, Xanax, Klonopin ~ all the benzos. I take 60 XR Adderall per day and about 3 Ativan 2 mg.

Can you take Ambien and Ativan together?

Disclaimer: I am not a pharmacist or medical doctor. Please check with one of these before taking my word for this, just to be safe. This is based on my personal experience and subsequent discussions with my doctor.Sure, you can take them together, as long as you are taking no more than the prescribed doses of each. You probably will not want to, though. Ativan and Ambien bind competitively to the same receptors, with Ativan having a higher affinity.In other words, the Ativan will overpower the Ambien. You will get little to no effect from the Ambien. You might as well be flushing the Ambien down the toilet (though please don't do that, take unwanted drugs to your local pharmacy for safe disposal).Ativan is digested relatively quickly, so if you plan to take Ambien for sleep, you could probably get away with a noon or even afternoon dose of Ativan that day, if you take daytime doses, but you may have to experiment a bit to figure out what works for you.

How long after taking 1mg of Ativan is it safe to have a few beers.. Especially if you only take the Ativan on an as needed basis and not daily?

Alcohol intensifies the effect of benzodiazepines (such as Ativan, Xanax & Klonopin). This can lead to oversedation, incoordination, slurring of speech, and increased risk of falls and accidents.

Is Klonopin 0.5mg and ambien 10 mg safe together?

yes. my doctor has me on 10mg of ambien and 1mg of klonopin. i have a high tolerance however and that amount does not work for me. They are similar medications that both can cause sedation. While it may be reasonable to prescribe them together care should be taken. You certainly should not mix them without a doctor's supervision.

Can you take Klonopin to relax from meth?

is it safe to mix meth and klonopin together

Is it safe to mix 12mg of ambien cr with 1.5 mg of Ativan?

Let a registered pharmacist or a physician do the drug mixing. There are too many bright young interesting people who die when they take drugs.

Can you takE Ativan and suboxone in the same day?

Yes, you can take suboxone and ativan together. Suboxone does not block the effects of ativan. However, taking too much ativan with suboxone, could cause respiratory failure. So, to be safe, stick to the prescribed dosages of both medications.

Is it safe to take Ambien after expiration date?

i have never taken ambien, but just to be safe, i'd say no. ( I dont want you to die)

Is suboxone and Klonopin a safe mix?

Mixing Suboxone and Klonopin is not safe, and doing so can produce respiratory distress, coma, or even death.

Is it safe to smoke Ambien?

Hahahah why would you want to smoke ambien? That's just dumb.

Can you take aspirin with Ativan?

I have taken it with no reactions. ------------------------------------------ Aspirin is metabolized by the kidneys, and Ativan by the liver, so it is absolutely safe.

Is it safe to take Lexapro vicodin and Klonopin?

It is not safe to take Lexapro, Vicodin and Klonopin at the same time as this combination can cause dizziness, drowsiness, and difficulty concentrating.

Is it safe to drink alcohol while taking ambien 20 mg?

It is not safe to drink alcohol with any type of drug/medication. So no, it is NOT safe to drink alcohol with Ambien 20 mg.

Is it safe to combine Ativan and tagamet?

yes, Ativan is the only benzo that won't get stronger from tagamet. So, you don't to worry.

Can you die taking Ativan?

Can you die from ativan? I am sure you could die from any benzodiazepine drug. But as for ativan studies have shown a rat injected within limits of 1000-1700mg rarely end in fatality. So I am thinking for a 140-260lb human, as much ativan as you can get your hands on probably still isnt enough to die from. But just to be safe do not try and eat as much as you can, because that just, is not smart.

Is it safe to take methadone and Klonopin?

NO, If your driving a car or operating heavy machinery. It is a potent mix if you take too much you won't remember a thing and you may end up saying things you wouldn't have sober (as if you where drunk) *slurfaced YES, Health wise as long as you don't take too much of either medication it shouldn't cause any harm. Often times hospitals will give their (patrons) I mean patients methadone and a lorazepam such as ativan. Klonopin is in the same class as ativan but I would be careful with this mix especially well driving or doing something that could possibly cause death or injury to anyone or anything.

Can you take Ambien cr and marijuana together?

If you're doing this, stay away from too much sunlight. Stay indoors and in a safe place. I had a panic attack and a seizure on ambien and weed, and I'm 18.

Is it safe to take ambien if you also are taking a monthly vivitrol injection?

Vivitrol injections and Ambien together produce no interactions.

CAN YOU MIX Ambien and diphehydramine?

i just want to know if it its safe...

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