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No not usually because of the fumes. If you must try a ventilation mask with a filter and open all the windows and doors. Try to have someone else do it and you leave for the day. You can even discuss with your doctor. The myth that painting is unsafe actually started years ago when there was still lead in the paint used. However, today they have changed the product, and you should no longer be able to buy paint that contains lead. It is not a problem. The only risk you will find that comes with painting is lightheadedness which can occur from reaching above your head. I helped paint my baby room, and I just made sure it was well ventilated and I sat down and took a break every so often. But don't paint alone!!! If, for some reason,you do get a dizzy spell, you will absolutely want someone near by to make sure you don't fall and hurt yourself. It is not only lead based paints that are unsafe. Paints with high VOCs (such as oil-based enamels and epoxy) are not safe for anyone to breathe over an extended period. If you are pregnant and want to do some painting, be sure to ask for a paint with low VOC, or at least be sure to use a water based (latex) paint and have proper ventilation. Even for several days after paint has been applied it can "offgas" fumes into the air. Continue to supply fresh air to an area that is freshly painted for as long as is practical after painting. While solvent-based paints pose more of a threat, water-based paints contain anti-microbials to inhibit microbiological growth while packaged. There are known health effects resulting from occupational exposure to anti-microbials. This would be an extremely low-level exposure, but low-level exposure science is just emerging and much is still unknown. Minimizing exposure to potentially hazardous substances while pregnant (and any other time) is prudent.

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Q: Is it safe to paint while you are pregnant?
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