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Is it safe to release freon from a 1995 Ford Windstar into the atmosphere?

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No! It is not safe or legal to release freon into the atmosphere as freon damages the ozone layer that protects us to a great extent from skin cancer. Each unit of freon can damage 100,000 units of ozone! You don't want to have to apply PF 100 sunscreen every time your outside for more than a few minutes! Not to mention if this is a pre-134 system the r-14 systems are really expensive to refill. To do it right you will have to have the refrigerant sucked out into a recovery container. You can then use a retrofit kit to convert it to the 134a system. Good luck.

2007-03-19 17:16:39
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Not wanting to allow the freon to escape into the atmosphere, you would need a garage equipped with an AC recovery system to recover the freon for you.

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Freon was not installed in any vehicle built after 1995.Freon was not installed in any vehicle built after 1995.

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First of all if the system is low or empty of freon, you have a leak. Replacing the freon without repairing the leak would be a waste of money not to mention allowing the freon to escape into the atmosphere. It would be best to take it to a garage and have a professional do the job for you.

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