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Is it safe to shoot slugs through a 20 year old Belgium made A-5 with an improved cylinder barrel?


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2006-07-17 14:28:44
2006-07-17 14:28:44

YES as a gun dealer for over 8 years I have been ask this question many times and the improved choke barrel is ok for slugs but never in a modified choke or full choke barrel as the slug in the latter 2 barrels will open the choke over time


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Yes, but they are usually more accurate from a slug barrel or improved cylinder.

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OEM from Browning. Anything else will require a gunsmith.

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Browning Choke Markings "* " = full "*- " = improved modified "** " = modified "**-" = improved cylinder "**$" = skeet "***" = cylinder

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no! dont try it my friend! improved cylinder is an actual choke, meaning it constricts the barrel, if you fire a slug through one it will probably blow the end of your gun barrel off. you would need a cylinder aka factory cylinder choke, which is no constriction at all

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no slugs should on be shot thru a improved cylinder shotgun. if you shoot thru any other choke it can cause the barrel to split

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