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Vicoden is one of the few drugs that SEEMS to have no adverse reactions to the unborn fetus. However, as with any other substance/controlled substance, it is always better to be safe than sorry and not to take these medications while pregnant. On a further note, Vicoden is a medication designed to target pain that is muscular/joint/etc.-related. It will NOT help a headache or migraine, and is not designed for that. Not only do I know this medically (my profession), but I have known people to try it -- unsuccessfully. If you are taking Vicoden (or Lortab, Hydrocodone, etc.) for a headache, the only thing it will do is increase your chances of becoming an addicted mother. It is also a depressant; and can cause you to feel tired, unmotivated, and eventually even depressed. For the best possible outcome here, which would be a healthy mother and a healthy baby, skip the narcotics all together.

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Q: Is it safe to take Vicodin for headaches when you are 17 weeks pregnant?
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