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If the doctor knows you are 30 weeks pregnant and wants to do it, it's probably safe. If you have questions, talk to the doctor and find out if there are any risks and what they are.

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Q: Is it safe to have a biopsy on your cervix done when you are 30 weeks pregnant?
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How easily can you get pregnant after a cone biopsy and dnc?

You can get pregnant very quickly...because your cervix is still open after a D&C. you should wait at least 2 weeks. I am about to have a cone biopsy next week. My DR has told me no intercourse for 6 weeks. (Same goes for using tampons and having a bath, only showers during this time.) I have one child but would like to conceive another. Apparently the chances of late miscarriage and the possibility of the cervix opening too soon during pregnancy are increased after a cone biopsy. Sometimes a stitch is placed in the cervix and taken out at 37 weeks to reduce the chance of having a pre-term baby. Cesarean Sections are also more common after cone biopsy. I have heard many stories of women carrying babies to full term after a cone biopsy. Every case is different and I think it may also depend on how much of the cervix is removed for biopsy and the length of the individuals cervical canal. You should take a lot of time to let your body heal before you get pregnant. I had a cone done a month after I had my son and then eight months after that I was pregnant with my daughter and I am 30 weeks and she has already dropped into my pelvis head down and they hope she stays there until two more weeks. As for the pregnancy it has been very hard. At 19 weeks I had to go into surgery to have a cervical cerclage done. I was in the hospital for a week because the medication they gave me made my daughter sick and it makes it really hard for you and the baby. I don't mean to scare you or bring you down but I just thought you could learn from someone who has gone through it and know how it feels. Good Luck and I hope that everything works out great for you.

Will a doctor do a d and c and cone biopsy if your pregnant?

No, you would not have a D&C while pregnant unless you wanted to end the pregnancy. Cone biopsy is done only after the pregnancy is over.

You have an IUD and about four weeks ago you had a biopsy done on your cervix now you are 3 weeks pregnant is there any way that the doctor moved the IUD?

I would consult a health clinic and ask them to get a 2nd opinion. You will need to find a doctor that it is not in the same health system as they usually stick together. Alternately, get an ultrasound and find out if the IUD is at the fundus. If so, the doctor didn't move the IUD.

During a pap smear if a doctor finds a mass will a doctor do a biopsy?

Pap smear uses a small sample of cells gently collected from the cervix to look for cancer or precancerous problems on the cervix. A pap smear doesn't detect a mass. If a doctor finds a mass at the vulva or cervix at the time of your pelvic exam, a biopsy may be done. If the mass is internal, for example at the uterus or ovaries, it's not likely that you've have a biopsy that day.

What is a cervical punch biopsy?

A cervical punch biopsy is a procedure in which a small amount of tissue is removed from the cervix using a hollow punch. The tissue is then sent for microscopic examination. This is usually done to obtain a diagnosis or to rule one out.

Is it possible to get pregnant after cryocautery of cervix procedure is done?

from what i have read yes you can but there is a slight chance that you may not be able to

Can the build-up of tissue on the cervix years after a cone biopsy is done make it difficult to get a good reading from a pap smear?

Yes, a history of cone biopsy, and advancing age, can make it hard to get endocervical cells during a pap smear.

What is done in a breast biopsy?

Breast biopsy is done to get a small tissue on your breast to be examined in the lab if its benign or malignant.

Is it possible you can get pregnant six weeks after DNC?

If you think you are pregnant go to the doctor to have a blood pregnancy test done.

IS a Cone biopsy and bleeding after painful sex 8 weeks later normal?

My freind had a Cone Biopsy done 3+ years ago. She still has pain with sex at times. Doctor said this is normal? Does not sound right to me.

How is a lymph node biopsy done?

There are three kinds of lymph node biopsy. Sentinel lymph node mapping and biopsy is a promising new technique that is discussed in its own entry. Fine needle aspiration (FNA) biopsy, often just called needle biopsy, is done when.

What is done in a breast biospy?

Breast biopsy involves getting a sample of breast tissue for microscopic examination for diagnostic purpose and to exclude cancer. Needle biopsy is done with a needle and can be done under a local anaesthetic, but an open biopsy requires a general anaesthetic.

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