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Is it safe to take six months of continuous antibiotics while pregnant?


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2007-02-01 08:06:11
2007-02-01 08:06:11

It depends why you are taking them. Presumably your doctor knows you are pregnant and it may be that the antibiotics help you maintain your pregnancy. ASk the doctor.


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Same as if she is not. Antibiotics does not protect from pregnancy or makes it easier to get pregnant.

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Some antibiotics can be harmful to the fetus; others are not. The pharmacist can tell you which are the ones to avoid while pregnant.

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Same as always antibiotics don't avoid or help the risks of getting pregnant.

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yes. antibiotics are not birth control. they actually work to make your body stronger

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Yes she can. Antibiotics do not prevent you from getting pregnant. They may have some affect on the effectiveness of various birth control pills.

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