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NO! You would never put propane in an air conditioning system! For air conditioning to work it needs FREON. Depending on your car you need to find out what kind of freon it requires, as well.

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Q: Is it safe to use propane in a car air condition system?
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I know of NO Propane air soft guns. Air soft and Air guns can use AIR, C02, Nitrogen and Greengas. All are safe to use.

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What gas is heavier Air or propane?

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what is the responsibility of the compressor in the air condition system

Is propane lighter that air?

Density of air is 1.225 g/cm3 Density of propane is 2.01 g/cm3 So air is lighter than propane.

Why does propane work better as a refrigerant in a air conditioning system?

I don' t know if it works better, but PROPANE SHOULD NEVER BE USED BECAUSE IT IS FLAMMABLE!

Is propane heavier than air?

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Propane pollutes the air around us. Propane is used as fuel and in chemical synthesis. Also propane is a nonrenewable gas.

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