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yes! me and my wife have a friend who has 1 year to go. she just turned 40.shhh! Not if that's really what you want to do. What's the old saying? In 6 years you're going to be 42, whether you're an MD or not. Would you rather be a 42-year-old MD, or be still doing your current job? It's just a choice of how you would like to spend your time. Older students are frequently more successful than younger ones.

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Q: Is it to late to go to med school if you are 36?
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Do you get paid while in med school?

No, you do not get paid. In fact the opposite is true: You pay a lot of money to go to med school.

Do dentists go to med school?

Absolutely not

Education requirements to be a radiologist?

Go to Med School

Is Harvard the only school to combine college and med school?

No school, INCLUDING Harvard, combines college with med school. You still need your bachelors degree before you can go to med school ANYWHERE. Some schools may have programs where you can shorten the span from 8 years to 7 but no school combines them.

How do you be a pedatircan?

You have to go to med school & become an md.

What school do you have to go to become a neuosurgeon brain?

Baylor is a great school for pre-med

I want to go study to be a doctor but i dont know what kind of doctor?

Worry about that in your last year of med school. You will be exposed to many specialities in med school.

Do you have to go to college to take the MCAT and be accepted in to Med School?

yes .... a bachelor degree is necessary to be accepted into med school. however not sure if that is true for the m-cat

Im 25 is it too late to start from the beginning and go to school to be a doctor?

No! I am 29 and in nursing school. I didnt even start my prereqs for nursing school till i was 25. Going to med school is a long and difficult road, but as long as you make the commitment and effort, youll be fine. I have several friends that attended U of AZ's med school in their 30's and 40's. Good luck! :)

What can you do with a neuroscience degree?

Depends.. Research mostly, go into industry, go to med school, and teach.

Jobs for bachelor of biotechnology?

Not much go hit up med school.

Do you need to go to med school to be doctor?

No, because you can get personal training from relatives

Can you become a RN then an OBGYN?

Yes you can go to school and first become a nurse and then go back to med school and study to become a doctor.

How many years do you have to go to school for cardiology?

you have to go to cardiology for 18years 4 for colleage 4 for med school 10 for a liscense in cardilogy

What should you study in college -if the school does not have a pre-med program- if you want to go to medical school?

You should find a different school.

Do you need a high school diploma to be a vet?

Yes and u need to do pre med in college then go to med school. So 8 or more years in college.

Can you go straight from high school to med school?

No, you can not go straight from high school to medical school. First you have to get a BS or BA degree, usually with an emphasis on basic sciences. Then you can attend medical school.

What is the best way to become a psychiatrist?

umm you have to go to med school and then specialize in psychiatry.

Is it possible for a person with a bachelors in pharmacy to go to med school?

I would think so.

Does Texas University have a surgeon school?

No I am sorry that we don't have a med. school you would have to go to another school. But you could get most of your degree here. : )

I want to become a doctor after high school but dont know what college to go to in NJ before you go to med-school Can I go to any 4-year college?


Why students go to school late?

Because sometimes they are lazy or, they sleep late.

Does UVA have an early assurance program for medical school?

No- in fact, they don't typically accept UVa undergrads into their med-school other than the top, top, top students. They want more variety. If you want to go to UVa for med school, go somewhere else with a good premed program.

Which college did Pau Gasol go to?

he attended one year of med school at the University of Barcelona

How long must a brain surgeon go to school for?

around ten to fifteen years of a four year college and med school

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