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Is it true that Georg Brandt discovered cobalt?

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Yeah, he did. Do you know where I found that out? Google. ;)

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Is it true that Griffth discovered transformation in Bacteria?

Yes it is true , Grifth discovered transformation.

How many bolts on a Chevrolet Cobalt rim?

5 bolt for the SS and 4 bolts for the rest .... not true my cobalt lt has 5 bolts..

How would someone find the true Cobalt color?

The question is vague in its current wording. Cobalt is a type of blue color. Colors have codings in the web that go by hexadecimal, in which the hex triplet figure for cobalt blue is #0047AB.

What has Sarah winnemucca discovered?

she discovered the true meaning of love

Where was leather first discovered?

It was discovered in 1892 that's a true fact

What did volta discover?

Volta discovered that the atom was the true meaniing of freindship Volta discovered that the atom was the true meaniing of freindship

Does 05 Chevy Cobalt ls key have a chip?

My experiences with the 09 Cobalt are that there is no chip, and I would suspect the same would hold true for a model from four years earlier.

Is it true that Justin Bieber was discovered on YouTube?

yes he was discovered by scooter braun

In what year was gold discovered in Sitka?

it was discovered by the famous fevola how's that for an answer it is not actaully TRUE

What was the last country to be discovered?

The last country to be discovered is Kosovo, the youngest country in the world because discovered on February 2008 true

Who first discovered vacuum?

My guess is Torricelli. Is that true?

Is this True or false cells were discovered using electron microscopes?

False. They were discovered using a light microscope.

California's population grew quickly after silver was discovered there in 1920?

This is not true. Silver was discovered in California in 1848 or 1849. But I do supect that the population grew when they discovered it.

Who discovered the laws of heredity?

The true laws of heredity discovered Marin I. Danciu, Romania. http://independent.academia.edu/MarinDanciu

Who discovered true shape of the planetary orbits?

Johannes Kepler discovered that orbits are elliptical rather than circular.

How is cobalt mined?

Cobalt likes arsenic, and the arsenide is mined to recover cobalt only in Canada and Morocco. There are a number of other locations where cobalt is recovered as a byproduct of copper or nickel production. The metal is not rare, and there are over a dozen countries where cobalt is produced. Open pit mining is the method of the recovery of ore from the ground. In the locations where the mining is done, ore is blased loose, then scooped up, loaded and transported to a mill. There it is crushed and processed. This true whether cobalt arsenide is being recovered or whether copper or nickel are being recovered. Need links? You got 'em.

Is it true that john Cabot and a crew of English sailors think they discovered the northwest passage?

Answeryes it is true that they thought that they discovered the northwest passage.... you didn't really answer my question because that wasn't the question i asked.

Is it true that titanic was discovered 74 years after it sank?

The wreck of Titanic, which was sunk in 1912, was officially discovered on September 1st, 1985.

Is it true that a planet has 12 moons?

Yes that is true. 12,13,64 etc number of moons have been discovered on different planets

Is it true that Miley Cyrus was discovered at a mall?

That is not true. It was AshleyTisdale who got discovered at a mall. Miley got discovered after appearing on her father's TV show Doc. For more info on miley, read her book called "miles to go". She wrote that book about her life. I read it, and it is very interesting.

What is the last planet to be discovered?

The last true planet to be discovered was Neptune. Pluto was found years later, but it recently lost its "planet" status.

Who discovered gastritis?

In the 1990s, scientists discovered that the main cause of true gastritis is infection from a bacterium called Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori).

Who discovered radioisotopes?

Jesus in 2014 and I was there as one of his 12 disciples. True story

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