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St Valentine is the patron of love, rape isn't very loving is it. Just cause some sex is love doesn't mean it all is.

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St. Valentine was not a rapist.

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Who is the Patron saint of finding true love?

St. Valentine is the patron saint of love and happy marriages. He is also the patron saint of greetings. St. Valentine was executed on February the 14th.

Why was St. Valentine executed?

St. Valentine was executed for his faith.

What does the name valentine stand for?

The Valentine in Valentines Day is in represenation of St Valentine the patron St of love.

Who sent the first valentine?

St. Valentine

Who is the originator of valentine?

basil st valentine

What is the Latin word for Valentine?

Valentinus is the Latin for Valentine, as in St. Valentine.

Why was st valentine sent to prison?

Yes, St. Valentine was sent to prison during his life. The Romans threw him in prison after he declared that Jesus's father was the one true god and everyone else's god was false.

Who imprisoned st valentine and why?

whi imprisoned valentine

What country is Saint Valentine from?

St. Valentine was a Roman.

Where was St. Valentine born?

St. Valentine of Rome was born in Rome to the best of our knowledge.

How is St. Valentine important to Valentine's Day?

If there had been no St. Valentine there would have been no Valentine Day. February 14 was his feast day.

What NFL teams nickname is Patrick and Valentine?

The New Orleans Saints (St Patrick & St Valentine).

How old was St. Valentine when he was killed?

Very little is known about St. Valentine, including his age when he was martyred.

At what age did St. Valentine die?

Little is known about St. Valentine of Rome, including his birth date.

Where did Saint Valentine come from?

St. Valentine of Rome was from Rome, Italy.

Who sent the earliest known valentine and to whom was it sent?

It is said that St. Valentine sent a valentine to the Jailer's Daughter and he signed it "From Your Valentine"

Did anyone quote St. Valentine?

Everyone who sends a Valentine on February 14 that says "From Your Valentine" is quoting Saint Valentine.

In what century did St. Valentine live?

St. Valentine lived in the thrid century and died about the year 269 AD.

Where did St Valentine live?

saint valentine lived in Paul siejkas pants.

Where did Saint Valentine live?

St. Valentine of Rome lived in Rome, Italy.

Who was the Valentine?

St. Valentine of Rome was a priest in the early Church who suffered martyrdom.

What date was valentine excuted?

February 14 was the day that St. Valentine was executed.

Why did I choose Saint Valentine?

I don't know. Why did you choose St. Valentine and what did you choose him for?

Where did St. Valentine work?

Valentine was a priest, possibly a bishop, in Rome.

What is the color of Valentine?

St. Valentine is represented by red, the color of a martyr's blood.