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That is definitely true about CRT monitors. Opening one of them can be deadly and isn't recommended. As far as laptop LCDs, I don't believe they have the same effect. They work in totally different ways. I've opened up at least a dozen LCDs and have never been warned against doing it.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-29 15:03:35
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Q: Is it true that both laptop and CRT computer monitors hold a electrical charge hours after turning them off that is potentially deadly if you open and work on the monitor?
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CRT Monitors,LCD Monitor,Projection Monitor are the three main type of monitors.

Are computer monitors interchangeable?

They are for desktops or if you are using it as a secondary monitor but they are not interchangeable if it is a laptop screen.

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What is the function of the computer monitor?

A computer monitor is an interface device that displays information from the computer as visual images. Computer monitors let humans understand what the computer is doing.

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It depends on your monitor. The big old CRT monitors are analog. The computer sends digital information to the monitor but it then gets turned into analog so the monitor can display that information. The LCD monitors are digital. The computer sends digital information to the monitor which it can display because it is digital.

Name of this old computer monitor?

Old computer monitors are "CRT" the latest are "LCD".

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You can connect a monitor to a computer console or CPU by attaching the monitors video cable to the back of the computer where there is a port specificly designed for monitors. Once this connection is made start your computer and you should get a picture.

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Monitors serve to display what is inputted on a computer. There are various types of monitors, but you should choose the one that is best for your vision.

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Computer monitors have higher resolution (more lines or pixels) than television monitors (screens or tubes). Computer monitors also have the ability to "address" (pinpoint and turn on/off or color) every pixel (single dot of color on the screen). Television monitors do not have that precision.

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A computer monitor screen cover will provde some protection.

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Purchasing Your New Computer Monitors?

When you are shopping for computer monitors, keep in mind that you do not necessarily have to get the same brand name in a monitor as you have for your computer. For example, just because you have an HP computer and your monitor no longer works does not mean that you can only purchase another HP monitor. Most computers are compatible with almost any other companies monitor. There are few exceptions to this rule, but check with the computer manufacturer to be absolutely sure.

What are the monitors available with this computer?

Any monitor will work, just consider what type of monitor you want (Widescreen, inputs, &tc.)

Computer monitor function?

The function of a computer monitor is to display the results of processed data from the CPU. Touch screen monitors are both input and output devices.

What is function of computer monitor?

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