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Only shallow girls will look only at the appearance of a guy. You can have a really hot guy and he can be a total creep! And then you can have a not so attractive guy and he can be the nicest guy you've ever met. People have top like you for who you are, not for what you look like. Looks are only superficial and mean absolutely nothing. Viola.

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โˆ™ 2005-10-27 00:52:26
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Q: Is it true that girls like good-looking and nice bodies on men or do they look for the personality?
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Why am I shy I get called hot but why do I mess up with girls?

just means your not outgoing most goodlooking guys are like that ;)

What do teenage girls like in boys height age or personality girls only?

Girls worth liking will like our personality.

What characteristics you like in girls?

their personality

Do lil Wayne like fat girls?

he shouldnt like girls for there body he should like girls for there personality and there heart

Do girls like poetry?

it depends on their personality

What does a girls clam look like?

Bodies of water have clams, not girls.

What do girls like in a certain type of guy?

All girls are different in personality. Some girls like guys that are on the shy side; other girls are looking for good looks in a guy first; other girls like a good personality in a guy and some girls like the bad boy image.

What does a guy like in a girls personality?

funny and outgoing!!

What a good attitude for girls that aboys like?

Their personality.

What type of a guy do girls like?

There is no single type. Different girls like different personality traits.

Why dont girls like you what do you have to do?

it really depends wat your personality is. some girl like the looks of girls and some like wats inside them. it really depends wat your personality is. some girl like the looks of girls and some like wats inside them.

Does Nathan kress like black girls?

he does like black girls long as they nice sweet kind like as a personality

Are scene kids girls r like girly girls?

they could be girly girls it all depends on their personality.

Do Japanese Like White Girls?

It depends on there personality and their genes.

Do guys like black haired girls?

it depends on your personality

What do guy like from girls?

looks first, personality second

Do German girls like Americans?

That depends on attractiveness and your personality.

Where do girls like to go to on a date?

that all depends on her personality, and age also most girls if their like me would love to go out to restraunts or movies or something like that. but like i said it depends on her personality. Good Luck! :)

Do girls like thin guys?

It doesn't really matter for most girls. Girls like boys with personality . If you be yourself girls will like you , not because of your looks. But you cant expect all girls to like you , everyone is different

What do girls like the most about there selfand why that?

Different girls like different things about themselves. Some girls like their body, the way the look. Some girls like their smile, eyes etc. Some girls like who they are about themselves and like their personality.

What do guys like about girls bodies?

Different guys like different types of the girl's bodies. There are those that love taller girls whereas there are those who love shorter girls. There are those who love dark-skinned girls whereas there are those who love the light skinned girls.

Why do white guys like Mexican girls?

Because Mexican girls have smooth and sexy bodies

Does Niall hornan like talkative girls?

Like most men, he cares about the personality.

Why do girls like reading better than boys?

not all girls like reading it depends on their personality....some girls are super flirty amd some are not.

What kind of personality does Justin Bieber like in girls?

he likes girls that are sweat,funny,and able to talk to