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Yes. Being homeschooled means that the parents have a respect for their child's heart and they don't want their kids to be subjected to the harshness of the world at such young ages. I attended public schools for 12 years and graduated in 1971. That was before all the controversy about no prayer in school, what is (and mostly is not) allowed to be said about God, elimination of spanking (a very useful tool and not at all abuse if administered correctly), and other controversies. It was, however, during a time of change. Drugs, mostly marijuana, LSD, and mescaline, were starting to become a problem, at least in my rural area in Indiana, sexual intercourse between teenagers was still something boys may have bragged about, but the girls certainly did not, sex education was still in the hands of parents, teachers did not routinely get up in front of a class and swear (not a big deal to some, I suppose), and I could name more and more. It was also a time when values were still taught as absolutes: stealing was stealing no matter what the reason was for the act. The same was true for lying and many other moral situations. The greatest problems I remember at my high school was Chewing Gum in class and kids skipping class. I'm trying to remember a physical confrontation between two students, but if it happened, I missed it. With that said, I can honestly tell you that I learned no social skills in public schools, but I did learn a moral code, both in school from my teachers and outside school from my parents. I don't believe we have to dig too deeply to admit that public schools have changed since then. Let's examine teenage sexual behavior. All one has to do to understand how prevalent sexual intercourse is amongst teenagers today is visit some of the topics on this Site. The sexual promiscuity of teenagers has become more and more prevalent and more and more accepted since sex education has been taught in schools. Why is that and can anyone honestly say that this is a good thing for our society and especially for those girls? I can't. I had premarital sex and I can honestly say that it is not a good thing, and that it can cause a woman to have many regrets later in life. In the interest of making this short, I am going to stop right there, except to point out that we have had children who were products of public schools, entering schools in the past few years with the sole intent of killing classmates and teachers. If that is not a wake up call that something is definitely wrong, nothing ever will be. I believe the question asking if home schooled children have better morals is a valid one and should be explored much deeper. My guess would be that morals are higher amongst that group than the public school group because in today's schools, there are no morals being taught. Everything is situational, based on what an individual believes needs to be done at the time. Parents of home schooled children, for the most part I would believe, are still teaching that a lie is a lie, stealing is stealing, that sexual intercourse not something one should not enter into lightly and casually (and not just by those who profess to be Christians), etc. I believe this is a terrific chance, since this topic has the potential to be rather explosive, for everyone who comments to demonstrate the grace, character and social skills they have developed, rather it be learned through public schools, home schooling, from parents, or otherwise.

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Q: Is it true that kids who are homeschooled have better morals?
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