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No! That's an absolute myth! Some men take sex to a fine art and may be able to stave off ejaculation, but for the majority of men they can be early ejaculators to medium. It has nothing to do with whether the guy loves you or not. definitely not a sign of love, except for himself. The longer he can hold back, the more enjoyment he will get out of the experience. It has been said that when a man ejaculates quick and can't contain himself that is how you know you have some good Now that is just what they say so don't hold me to it. But if you ask some guys about that most will tell you yeah that is the case. To the last poster "in your dreams!" It's true young men are at their sexual peek during teen years and after 19 their libido gradually starts to lower (ever so slightly) but it does. It is a scientific fact that young men up usually can't hold off an ejaculation and to think otherwise is simply a figment of their imagination unless they use a sex toy to delay this action. Young men that boast of their sexual deeds usually dramatize to their friends and if the truth be known most are lucky enough to get a "squeak between the sheets" once a month .... or year! Sex is a fine art and there are just a few cultures in this world where sexual art is mastered at an early age.

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Gel holds hair in place for a longer period of time because gel is more thicker than hair spray.Hair spray is very thin.

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The sea holds temperature longer than land. It heats up much more slowly, and also cools down slower. Please see the explanations in the related link.

How can you stop your premature edjaculation?

Simplest method to stop premature ejaculation is to have breathing exercise and yoga. While not so elegant, here are 3 options that will help. · Masturbation: When a man has recently had an ejaculation the next one doesn't come on as fast & takes more effort. But if you want to last longer the other trick may be to use masturbation to learn control. Learn to Masturbate right to the edge of ejaculation and stop before ejaculation. Some men can't seem to feel when the ejaculation is about to happen till it does. Others have; earned where the "EDGE" is & can slow down or stop till the onset of ejaculation passes. · Lube can help! Lube can reduce the sensitivity and that will delay the onset of ejaculation. · Position: Without a doubt the worst position for pre mature ejaculation is the "Missionary" or man on top. This position adds stimulation to the base of the penis forcing the head into more contact with the vaginal walls. Change positions & see; if that helps.

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Mass holds temperature--the more mass, the better it holds temperature...but, conversely, the longer it takes to get it to temperature all the way through.

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hair gel holds it in place for a longer period of time but it makes your hair very hard and gives it a greasy kind of look sometimes and hairspray gives it a more natural look.

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What is premature ajaculation?

"Prematute ejaculation is known for ealy ejaculation. It is characterized by a lack of voluntary control over ejaculation. Masters and Johnson stated that a man suffers from premature ejaculation if he ejaculates before his sex partner achieves orgasm in more than fifty percent of their sexual encounters."

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She learns that she loves Jacob romantically, although she loves Edward more. She learns that she loves Jacob romantically, although she loves Edward more.

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Do uncircumcised guys last longer?

According to some tests and surveys that were done checking into this it has been found that intact males have better control over orgasm. this seems to have something to do with the more then 20.000 nerves they have in the foreskin. circumcised men tend to have more trouble with premature ejaculation.

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