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There's no question that inhibitions weaken when under the influence of alcohol, and some of what we say while intoxicated reflect honest feelings. However, in the same way that much of what we say during the day refelcts only one aspect of our personality or a fraction of our overall feelings regarding a subject, talking while intoxicated often expresses only what that person feels at that very moment. Our inhibitions weaken, but so does our intlellect, so we may be speaking from our more primal side. It's why we wake up the next day and regret some things we've said; we might think we believe it at the moment but understand we didn't really mean it in the light of day. So while drunk speech may be accurate in the moment, it probably reflects desires and passing emotions rather than the real truth.

2006-08-29 12:32:00
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Q: Is it true that when you are drunk the real you comes out and you say things that you never would say if you were sober or is it just you talking crazy because your drunk?
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