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not at all

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Q: Is it uncommon for a 51 year old woman to abruptly stop having periods after having regular periods right up until the last one?
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I'm pregnant and still having periods is that possible?

It is uncommon, but possible.

Which term describes the transition phase between having regular menstrual periods and no periods at all?


What are the chances of of a woman getting pregnant if she has irregular periods?

the same as someone who has regular periods. having periods, in general, means that your body can have babies.

Can losing weight cause regular periods even if you have an IUD and stopped having periods for the first 2 years?

I am not sure but this just happened to me. I have had an IUD (Mirena) for 4 years and had not been having any periods. Recently, I lost almost 40 lbs and now I am having a regular period.

What if a girl have her periods thrice in a month?

If they were regular before this incident they should probably go to the doctor but if they are new to having periods it could just be they have irregular periods!

Should you be worried If My periods are late?

Not as long as you keep having them. If they are regular that is what is normal for you. If not they can be regulated.

If you have regular periods but have PCOS can you still conceive?

Yes! Having regular periods increases your chance of conceiving. Buy some ovulation predictor kits to know what time is best to have sex.

Can you breast still be sore while on your period?

Breasts usually get sore when you are pregnant and not when you are having your regular periods.

What are good ways to menstrabate?

Good ways to menstruate include having regular periods that last between 3 and 5 days and are not too painful or heavy. Regular periods are considered to be a menstrual cycle that is between 28 and 32 days long.

What are the chances of being pregnant if your having a regular period?

when a person is having unprotected sex, the chances of becoming pregnant are 100%, no matter what the regulation of periods or ovulation dates are.

Your periods are not regular you got your periods 3 days before after 4 months and you are having breast pain and heavy bleading?

Don't worry just use a big tampon or panty liner

Is it possible to get pregnant even after having two regular periods after the act or intercourse?

If you have unprotected sex then you have a chance of becoming pregnant. If you have had two periods since your last sexual encounter then it is unlikely you are pregnant.

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