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Carp is entirly edible and some say it is very good as long as you gut it properly, in Canada and most of usa you can take home carp. in North America i don't even think there is a quota... but check

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 03:18:16
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Q: Is it wise to eat a carp that was caught in a pond?
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What does carp eat in a pond?

my guess is vegetation from the bottom of the pond. Of course fisherman would put bait in to the lakes (ground bait) and they could eat that :)

Are carp carnivores?

Carp are omnivores. They will eat decaying plant and animal matter from the floor of the river, pond, or other body of water that they inhabit.

Can small koi carp be in same pond as larger carp?

Yes, they won't bother them.the Carp and Koi are among the same family and are scrap eaters. they dont eat other fish, they eat the scraps they find to be tasty in the bottom of the lake or pond. this is why most people dont recommend eating them

What do Asian Carp eat?

asian carp eat alge

What type of consumer is a koi?

Koi is a type of Carp and will eat anything that is on the bottom of the pond or lake. They are omnivores, just like humans. I have caught carp with worms as well as corn. Koi, however need a special diet to keep their colors vibrant, so purchase commercially made food instead of allowing them to forage on their own. Oh, they also will eat mosquito larvae if they can catch them.

What do you feed a small fish you caught at a pond?

It depends on what kind of fish it is, and where the pond is. Try worms, all fish eat them, even bass.

Do carp eat dogs?

No, carp do not eat dogs. See the related question.

What animals eat carp?

Since the goldfish is a carp, Oscars and piranahs since they eat goldfish.AnswerSince goldfish are carp, Oscars,piranahs,and alligator gars eats carp since they eat goldfish.

Do carp eat sweetcorn?

Yes, carp love to eat sweetcorn. Many fisherman use sweetcorn when they are fishing for carp. It is considered one of the top baits for carp.

What are some freshwater fish you can eat?

You can eat carp and carp eggs are some of the best food to eat

Can carp eat sunfish?

Yes they can. Carp can get quite large. Carp usually feed on vegetation, and rarely will eat eggs and fry of other species, but do not eat adults of species like sunfish, as carp have no teeth.

Can you keep coi carp in pond with other fish?

Koi carp are essentially pond fish (they were bred to be broad backed and colourful from above for pond viewing). They are omnivorous and like most other fish will eat any fish small enough to fit in their mouths if they are hungry. Match sizes and all should be OK. Remember Koi grow to over 24 inches long.

Do carp eat cheese?

Well, they might. Though how would they get it? carp eat things like Bugs, plankton, some plants, and they will actually eat Chicken Liver And Beef if you give it to them. I'm not really a carp expert, but I would say no, carp do not eat cheese.

What eats a carp?

a carp is a freshwater fish - so humans eat it

Do goldfish eat carp food?

Goldfish are carp so I guess they do.

Do dolphins eat carp?

No, dolphins are not known to eat carp. However, they have been known to eat smaller squid and octopus on occasions.

What fish do carp eat?

Carp do not eat other fish. To fish for them use bread,worms,boilies, and sweetcorn.

Do carp eat bread?

Yes they do, while fishing i heard its best to throw balls of bread for the carp to eat.

What do carp fish eat?

Carp fish eat or at least a typical carp fish will eat aquatic plants,insects,crayfish,dead fish, and mollusks (such as freshwater clams and nuts that fall from trees into the water)

Do carp eat shrimp?


Do carp eat humans?


Do carp eat krill?

Yes, carp will eat krill given the chance. They are not picky eaters and will eat whatever is available to them such as tadpoles, larvae, bugs, and worms.

What pond animals eat pond plants?

Pond People..

What do carp eat?

carp would bite at worms, minnows, fake minnow lures, and corn.

Could a carp eat a large mouth bass?

Only the eggs of the bass. Carp are not predators.