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I don't understand the question. You have no option to keep or give away coverages. This applies to uninsured motorist as well as any other coverage. Generally UM coverage is split limits and specify a limit per person and a limit per accident for bodily interest and another section that pays for physical damage for the vehicle. The claims adjustor will pay out the claims as they come in up to the limits on the policy.

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What is uninsured insurance?

In auto insurance, 'uninsured insurance' refers to a type of coverage for accidents caused by a motorist without insurance or hit-and-run accidents in which the driver who caused the wreck cannot be identified. In other words, your insurance may cover the cost of damage to your car, medical expenses, and other expenses. http://www.superpages.com/supertips/what-is-uninsured-or-underinsured-motorist-coverage.html

How can you get money after a car wreck without insurance?

Who is it that doesn't have insurance (your, or the 'other' person)? If you don't have insurance and are at fault there is no way you can receive any money for the car. If ther other person involved is missing insurance then you will still be covered if you pay for collision or uninsured motorist.

Uninsured child borrows parents car that is insured and child has a wreck does insurance company have to pay out?

As long as he had permission, then yes. If you are going to try to claim that he/she didn't have permission, that's a whole other story.

What happens when an uninsured driver borrows a friend's uninsured car and gets into a wreck?

Both the uninsured driver and the friend are in trouble. My GUSS IS the uninsured friend will be liable to any damages he has caused The uninsured friend will be responsible for the damages to their car If insurance is required in your state, the uninsured friend and/or driver could face criminal charges

What legal procedure do you need to go through if you have been involved in a car wreck with an uninsured motorist?

File with your insurance company first off, if you do not have collision coverage, then you may need to file a state report, get a judgment etc. If you would like to give me more details I could be of greater assistance to you.

If an insured person allows an uninsured person drive her car and the uninsured driver has an at fault wreck who pays?

The Driver "and" the Vehicle Owner are both jointly and severally liable for all damages. She should contact her Insurance Agent for advice as to whether or not the Auto Insurance Policy will provide coverage for the unlicensed driver

If your teenager has a wreck how will it affect your insurance?

Depending who is at fault your rates may go up or not. So if your child was not at fault then your insurance will stay the same. If they are then the insurance goes up.

Who pays if you wreck your car?

If you wreck your car, then it is usually the insurance that pays for you ;)

How much would insurance be for a 20 year old male driving a Porsche boxster?

I am a 22 year old male with a 2002 Boxster S. Currently my insurance, in SC with one previous wreck about three years ago and no speeding tickets, with AllState is around $750 a year with the maximum about of coverage for collision, bodily harm, and uninsured/underinsured motorist. Too many variables in rates, you will need to contact an agent for a quote, but I would guess, pretty high.

What happens if an uninsured driver gets in a wreck with another car?

Vehicle insurance is compulsory in the United States and Canada. One can face a fine in addition to other punishment in addition to being open to a direct lawsuit by the other driver. Depending on the severity of the wreck, it may cost a whole lot of money.

If an uninsured driver with no license wrecks your car even though the wreck was caused by the other driver what happens?

The vehicle owner is responsible for 100% of the damages. They can let anyone drive their vehicle as long as they have a valid license (being uninsured is not a factor), but if they turn their vehicle over to an unlicensed driver, the insurance company will not pay that claim.

What insurance companies cover damage from a car wreck?

There are many insurance companies which provide coverage on wrecked vehicles. Typically, these vehicles will need to be fully insurance. Liability insurance does not cover a wreck. Geico, Progressive, Allstate, and State Farm all have policies which cover a vehicle in case of a wreck.

Will insurance pay if you have a wreck and get a DUI?

If the DUI was the cause of the wreck, probably not. You will need to check your policy to see what it says, since there are many options for insurance.

If you buy your child a car does it have to be in your name?

If your child gets in a wreck and the insurance company finds out he caused is and he has been the primary driver in your name, they dont't have to pay a cent and your rates may skyrocket until your child moves out.

Will an unisured driver get a ticket if they are in a wreck?

You will be cited by the police. The amount of the citation varies from state to state.If you are at fault for the accident, the other person's insurance company will come after you for reimbursement for what they paid out. If the other party is injured, they will use their Uninsured Motorist Coverage. The insurance company will seek reimbursement from you for the injuries as well.If you are not at fault, you could still file a claim against the other party's insurance. In some states however, there is a No Pay, No Play statute. This allows you to recover for your economic damages only. You could not file a claim for Bodily Injury. When you DO decide to get insurance your rates will be higher due to the accident even if you weren't at fault.

If you had your granddaughter car insured and she wrecked it is the car covered?

It depends on the type of insurance coverage. If it was Liability insurance only, and she caused the wreck, then it is not covered. If it was Collision coverage, and she caused the wreck, then it would be covered. If she didn't cause the wreck, I'd check with the insurance company of the person who did cause it.

Do insurance have to pay you the value of your wreck?

It depends on the insurance coverage, and what caused the wreck. But allowing the coverage covers the incedent the insurance company will pay the VALUE DETERMINED BY THE INSURANCE COMPANY. Not what you think it was worth. I have about $40,000 in a car the insurance comapny will pay $3,000 for if it gets wrecked.

When your child gets their drivers license is your insurance company notified?

Not necesarily, but if you don't tell them and the kid gets into a wreck in your car the consequences may be quite bad for YOU.

If an non-related uninsured person drives car and gets in wreck and dies should insurance pay for funeral expenses?

It really depends on the type of insurance the owner carried on the vehicle. If Liability only was carried then No, there are no benefits. If Full coverage was carried then there usually is a death benefit that can be paid to assist in funeral expenses.

Why is your car insurance so expensive?

because if you get in a wreck...your insurance has to pay for it and you have to pay alittle money to help them pay gor your accident. because if you get in a wreck...your insurance has to pay for it and you have to pay alittle money to help them pay gor your accident.

What happens if you wreck with no insurance an it is your fault?

You will be responsible for the repair of your own car, if it is repairable. You may also be financially responsible for all damages (including property damage and bodily injury) sustained to the car and occupants of the other car. Depending upon the severity of the damages, the Financial Responsibility Law of the State in which you have your license may suspend your license and tags. If the other party had insurance that pays for the repair of the other car, and/or pays uninsured motorist benefits (for bodily injuries) can sue you under a theory of law called "subrogation". In effect, the insurer inherits its insured right to try to recover from you the insurance benefits that it paid.

What happens if you're in a car wreck without car insurance?

If you got into wreck WITHOUT an Insurance. This is going happen to you is going face in court for No Insurance your car. there some State have Stictly law about without no insurance can cause your Insurance go Higher. best is get insurance on your car with fully coverly. that will save your neck from court.

If you do not have car insurance can you drive someone elses car?

yes you can but if you wreck and they have insurance their car will be ok but your screwed

If you get into a wreck and you were the one in fault and the other person does not have insurance what will happen to them and will your insurance cover it?

Every state is different. Where I live, if you are the responsible party in the wreck then your insurance has to repair the vehicle that you hit. You will be responsible for paying your deductible to have your vehicle fixed. Also the driver without insurance will be ticketed by the authorities if they are present.

What if i wreck my vehicle and it's not paid for?

Drivers are required to have insurance. If you wreck your vehicle, the insurance company will pay for it. If you are driving without insurance in a vehicle that is not paid for, you still are obligated to repay the money you borrowed to buy the car. It is not the bank's fault that you wrecked the vehicle.

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