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With the gas prices so high...probably not. I'm a stay at home mom, and it is a true blessing being able to be with my children every day. Being home with your child is so important you'll never get these years back. It is possible to live on one income if there is a strict budget. Plus when you're home you can take care of all the household chores that need to be done. I used to work and I know how exhausting it is to work and then to come home to a baby and a messy house. Be open with your husband and talk to him seriously about this. Maybe you can find some work at home to do. One means of income is watching one or two other kids that would bring in a little income at least $130 per child per week. I hope everything works out for you. Run through the effects on your taxes and see if most of your salary is going to taxes. Add up the expenses of working (gas, child care, clothing, eating out). Finally, look at the budget, bills owed, and expenses of running your household. Can you live more frugally and simply? Visit a financial planner and find out how do make it happen. Another thing to consider is whether you will do more cooking and other tasks to reduce household costs when you have the time. Sometimes it takes awhile to work into the routine. Finally, it is good to keep your hand in on working, since if anything did happen to him, you would readily be able to work. I was a stay-at-home mom and loved it, but I did have to hold expenses down and did have trouble getting back into the working world after years away.

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Q: Is it worth it to drive 30 miles to a 40 hour week job that pays 8.00 hourly and you really want to stay home with your child but your husband says you have to work?
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