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It depends on if she conceived the child before or after she paired up with the boyfriend and if the boyfriend was aware of the girl being pregnant at the time.

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Q: Is it wrong that your boyfriend will leave you if you are pregnant with another mans child?
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Could your child support amount be increased if your ex wife is pregnant by her boyfriend and being placed on maternity leave?

No her being on maternity leave has nothing to do with the child support obligations. Child support is for the children, not for her.

Can you leave your child in the care of your boyfriend when you are not there?

No! never!

Can i leave with boyfriend at 16 if im pregnant?

it depends. if he is very supportive of you and the baby, then why leave.

Could your child support amount be increased if your ex-wife is pregnant by her boyfriend and being placed on maternity leave?

No. The issue of the children's mother being on maternity leave has no bearing on child support obligations. The money is for the children's care not for the ex-spouse.

Is it wrong to leave your boyfriend and go out with another?


What are reasons some women do not tell their boyfriend that they are pregnant?

She's afraidHe may leave herShe's not sure who the father is.She's not going to keep the child and afraid of his reaction.

What can you do if your husband get another lady pregnant?

leave him or stay

In the book The Outsiders Why did Sandy leave town?

She was pregnant and not pregnant from Soda. She got pregnant from another man.

What is the minimum age to leave a child alone with another child?


Is she really going to leave him?

You can tell if she is really destined to leave him if she moves on by opting for another boyfriend.

Would your boyfriend leave you if you got pregnant?

ha depends on the guy your dating. mine wouldnt.

You are pregnant and your boyfriend is the least supportive person and making your life hell do you leave?

How old are you first of all? Are you a teen. And of course you leave. And don't forget, their is a such thing as child support if the boyfriend works. If he isn't supportive then it would be a waste of your time to stay with him. You have to move on. He'll feel sorry in the long run.

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