Is it wrong to be embarrassed of being fit and muscly I am and I often don't like taking off my top in public even though I am in very good shape Can someone tell me why this might be?

Being insecure about your body does not necessarily reflect the actual appearance of your body. Like many anorexics worry that they are too fat despite the fact they are woefully underweight, you too may feel embarrassed about your body.

On the other hand, you may on the opposite spectrum. You know very well that you are well muscled and fit and do not like the idea that some people may "check you out" or notice you.

A third possibility is you simply do not like being seen by others. Though this option becomes less plausible if you have no problem being fully clothed in public.

No matter the reason, it is not at all strange that you would be embarrassed about your body, whether you are fat or fit. However, since you are aware of it, you should acknowledge it and make an effort to overcome it. .

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Our society seems to put down people with skills, health, talent and intelligence and gnaws away at them until they are ashamed of being better than the common herd. Being one of the crowd and a "good old boy" seems to be much more popular (as an example, Homer and Moe are more "popular" on the Simpsons than Apu and Ned) . However being above average in positive areas is good for you . I think the Christian's Bible states - don't hide your light under a bushel basket. Strive to be better and eventually they will want be seen as your friends just to gain a little reflected glory. A word of caution - they will turn on you given half a chance.