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Is it wrong to be gay?

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I, personally, say love is right in any shape and form, be it with a man or woman. in a world of hate, why wouldn't any type of love be right?

A:I think its right to like whoever you want, female male I don't think its right for people to judge who you are, that is not fair. I don't judge it. A:It is wrong for a very simple reason: Procreation becomes impossible when the gay couple get together. God created man and woman as the ideal pair. Further, he created man and wife to enjoy each others' physical company. Infertile, whatever. No permission is given within the realms of nature for male to go with male or female with female. Even in the asexual reproduction cycle of certain plants, there are male and female plant parts that facilitate the reproduction process. A:It is not bad for a few reasons:

1: Love is love. People should express that in anyway they feel like.

2: People should be true to themselves. When you tell someone gay that they should not be gay then you are telling them to not be themselves.

3: Many people say that The Bible says homosexuality is wrong.

(a) Remember that was written in a time and place when and where people would have written that God said that. However there are many representations of God that all say something different.

(b) Besides, if God wants there to be peace and love in the world, wouldn't being gay make more love in the world and make people stop fighting over whether or not it was right or wrong?

(c) Try to form your own opinions about things instead of just believing what something or someone tells you. I am not saying that the Bible is all wrong. But there are some Christians who think that gay is ok.

4: Why would someone go to hell for loving someone !

A:There is nothing wrong with being gay!!! Why would God make someone go to hell the second they are born, just because they are gay!!! Who cares if someone likes the same sex/gender!! as long as they are happy! Why can't gays feel the joy of being together with someone or marry someone like straight people do ! They are not abnormal. To them being straight is being abnormal ! It's like the whole racial thing ! to "blacks" we are different to them, like they are to us ! A:Well I'm gay and my best friend is a bisexual she told me that being gay is not wrong because if you love the person you're with it doesn't matter what gender he or she is being gay, it's like the funnest thing ever because we enjoy ourselves more than any other heterosexual especially during sex!! A:No, there is nothing wrong with being gay. A:I disagree, I believe it is improper to be gay. Therefore I believe it is wrong. A:Here is my answer. Being Gay is not wrong. However, we live in a society that is very judgmental. A society that encourages the false concept that there is a certain way we all should be, and this concept does not embrace individuality or diversity. Because it is human nature for people to feel the need to be accepted, people often lie about who they are, or try to change who they really are in order to be accepted by others. This is one of the reasons why some Gay people are dishonest about their sexuality. Some Gay men still try to live a heterosexual life and in some cases they marry women and bring children into the world, but they are not being true to who they really are. In some cases, these men continue to be with men and live double lives. This is what is "WRONG." I am not defending the men who do this, but not everyone is strong and confident enough to be who they really are if they know that they will be ridiculed for it. The last point I am going to make is this: I have seen many cases where Gay people as well as straight people place too much emphasis on rushing into a sexual relationship instead of establishing a real connection with a partner. For those of us that want to have a real relationship, start by having a courtship period, get to know each other and respect yourself as well as the other person. No relationship should be based primarily on sex, it should be based on real "LOVE." A:If Someone who believes that being Gay is ok, and that person happens to also be Gay themselves, that does not pose any problem because the person does not feel that being Gay is wrong in the first place. If a person says it is ok to be "Black" and the person happens to be black, then there is no conflict. A:We'll see, no matter what, with or without all of these opinions, it's all people's words, I don't believe any of this came from god himself because sin separated us from him. He is watching, he is there, but we are disconected from our "direct link", even if it is a sin it will definitely be forgiven as long as you try to live a christian life in the name of Jesus, but that's not good enough for me, I'm not happy with either decision I feel like I'm missing out and I don't just want to be forgiven I want to be the best I can because I love the people around me enough to set an example, and I love myself enough to do what is right for me. Is there anyone out there with concrete evidence that it is right or wrong, or shall we all base this on opinion and clues ! A:With the 'definitely all sins forgiven' motif, there lies the Christian approach to life in this world. The true approach that Jesus would have taken is that sins are to be shunned. His approach is at loggerheads with that of the Christian church, which ordains homosexuals. This is unnatural. Christ will come again, marry, and declare the abhorrence of homosexuality. The statement above, that diversity and individuality is discouraged in today's society only tells one side of the story. Individuality and 'diversification of one's desires' are actually implicitly and explicitly embraced, as long as they are not in conflict with the 'New World Order's agenda for global supremacy. Since the New World Order spooks look encouragingly on sexual depravity and disrespect for the one true God, homosexuality is, along with oral sex, sex during periods, etc. encouraged. A:Of course not, being gay or a lesbian is a perfectly natural and perfectly normal thing. Be proud of your sexuality!!!

There is nothing wrong with gay people. The fallacy usually lies with the observer, whose thought process has been skewed by misinformation and prejudice.

A:Marriage was intended for man and women. A:I believe that you should be what you want to be, not what others make you out to be. If you happen to be a male and you happen to fall in love with another male then that's your choice and you should be proud. You only fall in love once. A:No, it is not wrong. Being gay is simply part of who a person is. There has been a lot of conjecture about whether it is biological, environmental, genetic, or a combination of all three. In whichever way being gay happens -- and most developmental psychologists agree that it happens at a rather early age -- there is no evidence to prove or even indicate that gay people are any more "abnormal" than their heterosexual counterparts. A:Is it 'wrong' to be left-handed ! For many years being left-handed was considered wrong, even evil. Being homosexual is much the same thing: An orientation that is set very early on in development. Majorities of people have often criticized and mistrusted minorities of people. We have come a long way in understanding the fact that simply because a behavior or an orientation is not the norm, that does not make it wrong. A:The mantra that is chanted is that you are incapable of choosing your sexuality. Another favourite is that 'love of any kind is good per se, in a world full of hate'. A further parallel is that homosexuality, because it is practised by a minority is not to be criticised because minorities have been persecuted in years gone by. Another idea is that somehow, this is the modern era, the 21st Century, and therefore we should move forward and accept all sexualities.

Let us look at one simple biblical and historical example.

Lot, peace be upon him, was a great prophet. He was one from a great chain of prophets. He lived in Sodom, a town where the people would perform acts of lewdity openly, so that it became the norm to go naked in front of ones neighbours, friends, etc. God sent Gabriel, peace be upon him, the chief of the angels, to destroy the town after he had told Lot to leave. Nobody from among the wrong-doers was spared. Yet these people were in the majority, while Lot and his followers were persecuted in the extreme during their time in Sodom. So, the angel Gabriel was commanded by God to send fire and brimstone upon the town, and to lift it up to the skies, turn the whole town upside down, and send it crashing back down. This he did.

Firstly, on the issue of choosing and not choosing one's sexuality - there is no doubt that when a man or woman follows their own desires, they veer from God's path.

Secondly, the inhabitants of this town may well have thought that their 'love' acts were better than fighting. But truly, fighting in God's cause is the only commendable act of fighting, and love making without good intent is an act of misguidance.

Thirdly, the truthful and upstanding Lot was in the minority, but he never used this as a plea for others to come round to understanding God's Truth. He used wiser and more plausible methods. If I were to go out into the street and say: 'I'm black, and I'm in a minority here, so support me!' you'd want to know the PROPER reason why you should support me.

Finally, the very 'modernity' of our age doesn't give us the right to hold ourselves 'above' those of a past age. We should be very watchful and wonder whether things we do when we 'go forward' in the name of technology and advancement are actually beneficial. Limiting our families to 2 or 1.94 children for instance, is this good ! The contraceptive pill: changing a woman's hormonal activity - good or retrograde !

A:Ok, fair enough, people can have their opinion on the matter, but the fact is ... an opinion is all it is. Being Gay is NO sin at all ... it is natural despite what anybody says. If gays weren't right, why did God create them the way he did ! Why didn't god create gays to be heterosexuals ! The bible is a guide, not rules ... a written testament from what monks thought God wanted. The bible however does state "Love thy neighbor" - this suggests that we should love everybody for who they are - not what you believe they should be ! I'm only 15 years of age ... and it disgusts me that so many more mature (or not so) adults think that it is wrong to be gay ... do you not understand that society is gradually progressing ... and you can have all the hatred for Gays in the world but it isn't going to make any difference ! Why is it I ask ... you would rather see two men in a street holding guns than two men in a street holding hands. Lastly ... do you honestly think Gay people would choose to be gay had they known that it came along with all this discrimination and hurtful comments ! It doesn't matter who you love ... as long as you love them ! So ... you people out there who think that gay is wrong ... and the bible says so ... look more into the moral messages ... after all ... if gay was wrong why does the pope and church of England support Gay rights ! A:I have loved men, and I have loved women. I have loved all for the same reason. A connection forms once you realize something special exists. I do not believe any true feelings of a human being for another can be wrong. Sexual feelings are part of nature. To deny same sex relationships would be as close minded as saying that white people and black people shouldn't date or other such archaic thinking. A:No, it's absolutely fine, it's however you want to be. it's your life, enjoy it, and be gay in a happy way and in a sexual way ! I'm not gay, but I totally disagree with people that think it's wrong, they are probably trying to cover up the fact they are themselves! don't worry about being gay because it's the most natural thing, be gay and be happy ! A:Why would you ask a question like that? it's like asking is it wrong to be straight. A:It is not wrong to be gay. Many people would disagree with me on this, but their intolerance does not have any valid basis, it is just bigotry. A:It certainly isn't wrong .... in fact it is scientifically and psychologically proven to be natural from birth. Those who disagree are living in yesterday's society ... Society has changed and should continue to evolve ... just accept people for who they are because they are no different ... just like caucasian and black people are no different !

To sum up all that is said above :

It is deemed wrong if you are from one section of religious background, but ok if from another.

Peoples beliefs can be very strong and the above answers have been edited down to remove most of the hate, insults and one-sidedness, (and that from people who proclaim to be God loving). Religion does seem to play a large part in this question but you should make up your own mind on what you believe to be right and wrong. Whether you believe that religion, whichever one, is right or wrong, is your choice.

What you need to take into consideration when making up your mind from all you have read above or from views read or given elsewhere is ; is it right for you, do you feel comfortable with it, is it legal, is it moral. You are the best placed to answers this age old question.
No, whether a thing is bad between people is really up to them. the evil that is brought out comes from the attitudes of religious zealots that have nothing better to do, rather then spread good.

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