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Are we talking morally or legally? Personally, I think that it sounds worse at 16 and 23 than the same gap at 23 and 30. People can say what they like, but some people bond better with an older (or likewise younger) significant other. Now legally of course, one of you is a minor. Depending on state laws, sex can make things dicey for you. So if you're talking legal, you may not want to advertise the relationship and accompanying age gap. Since he's a lot older, he knows more about what he wants from life and a relationship. At 16, you're just starting to date. He may be ready for marriage when you're just curious about dating. He may be ready for sex when you aren't. Since he is older, he is likely to have superior communication skills to convince you to do things you don't want to do. That isn't to say such a relationship *can't* work, but there is a lot to be careful of. Good luck.

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Q: Is it wrong to have a 23-year-old boyfriend when you are only 16?
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