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If your husband cheated on you and you don't like it you have every right to divorce him.

If you LOVE your best friend but he already has a girlfriend then that's wrong.

If you LOVE your best friend in a friendly way that that's ok aslong as the girlfriend he has dosent have any problem with it. If you and your best friend truly love each other, then get him to dump the girlfriend he has and you have happily ever after. But doing both of the instructions i recommended you will crush 2 peoples happiness. So its basiclly a game, You can be happy or they can. To be honest though, at the end of the day, people want things for themselfs only.

Choose wisley :)

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Hire a P.I Go privately to a lawyer, get your finances in order, and start divorce proceedings against this loser.

She cheated on many men with her husband even when they were just married and before that

No, until you have married you are both still looking, however having cheated, is she really the one you want.

Yes she is married after divorcing her ex husband who cheated with her best friend so shania married her best friends ex out for the best!

Hun if your husband cheated on you then i would leave him. But for your friend tell him that you are there for him always. And even if he has a gf doesnt mean he doesnt want u. Just visit him all the time, and show how much u respect him and care for him ok..

she is married to husband cash warren

I believe she's not married. Someone told me she has a girlfriend.

Yes he cheated on Ana Cordova with Michelle Riddlle who he met thru twitter. She was married and cheated on her husband with Duane lee.

no they got divorced when he cheated on her with Amy Dumas (Lita), Matt Hardy's girlfriend at the time.

Hester is married. At the beginning of the story no one knows where her husband really is. She cheated on her husband. Her daughter Pearl is proof of this. The scarlet letter "A" is for adultery.

Yes she did she took Debbie Reynolds husband away from her then she married him and cheated on him with Richard Burton.

Because you shouldn't be dating a married woman.

John Partridge doesn't have a girlfriend for he is homosexual. He does have a husband though, John Tsoraus, they were married in October 2011.

Let them be friends, afterall he is YOUR husband. You should be able to trust him with his ex girlfriend. He picked you for a reason, you have to trust him.

It shouldn't matter. He's your EX HUSBAND. He's not your issue anymore. He doesn't need to change for you.

Anita Baker was married to husband Walter Bridgforth in 1988. They separated in 2005 and divorced two years later. Supposedly, Walter cheated on Anita multiple times.

If you are thinking about getting married to your ex wife/husband you just go ahead and get married. Same as if you want to just be girlfriend and boyfriend.

Yes. You will always wonder. The level of trust in the marriage has been broken and no matter how long you are married you will still wonder.

They may have loved each other before and they remained in love. However, she made her choice and has broken her marriage vows by cheating on her husband. If they both love each other then she should have filed for divorce and not cheated.

Because you accepted & tolerated it the first time. You should not have married him knowing he cheated. If he can't be a faithful BOYFRIEND, why were you expecting him to be a faithful HUSBAND? By excusing it the first time, he was under the impression that you've forgive it again & again & again.

Hera was married to Zeus, though he cheated on her a lot.

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