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Q: Is itchy breasts a sign of breast cancer?
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Can itchy breasts be a sign of breast cancer?

Yes I'm sorry but it can, go see a docter imediatly!!

What is the major sign of breast cancer?

The presence of tiny lamps or cysts in the breasts are commonly known as major sign of breast cancer more often than not. Other symptoms are itchy, sore, and redenned breasts, upper back pain, and nipple changes.

Is itching breasts a sign of breast cancer?

More of a fungal or bacterial infection of the breast.

If you have soar nipples and pimples is that a sign of breast cancer?

Having soar nipples is not a sign of breast cancer. They have to be hard to tell the patient that she has a chance of having cancer f the breasts.

What are some early signs of breast cancer other than lumps?

Some early signs of breast cancer are seen in teenagers and women with larger breast. A lump underneath an underarm can be a sign of breast cancer. Also, an area of thickening around breasts is also a sign. Swelling and redness of the breast is also a common sign.

Are sore breasts a sign of breast cancer?

Sore breasts could be a sign of pretty much everything - growing pains, an incoming cold, or just the fact that you slept face-down last night. There's no reason to think that they might be a sign of cancer.

Is itchy breast off and on a sign of pregnancy?

No, but if you have loss of appitite and a longer period with itchy breasts go talk to your docter you may infact be pregnant. NOTE:do NOT take in home prgnancy tests their not accurate.

Is itchy breast a sign of pregnancy?

No. You may have a rash or yeast infection under the Breast.

Do your breasts always hurt during pregnancy?

They shouldn't! Actually, that is one of the sign of advanced breast cancer! You'd better get checked!

What is the first clinical sign for breast cancer?

The first clinical sign for approximately 80% of women with breast cancer is a mass (lump) located in the breast.

Is an itchy left armpit a sign that you have cancer?

An itchy left armpit is not likely to be a sign that you have cancer. It is probably either irritation caused by your clothing, the deodorant that you are using, or a fungal infection.

Is breast pain a sign of cancer?

Breast pain is rarely a sign of cancer. Sore breasts could be a sign of a fibrocystic breast condition, a hormonal imbalance or even pregnancy. Discomfort or pain in both breasts is usually a benign condition. If you are worried, make an appointment and discuss your concerns with a trusted physician. * If you are large breasted and frequently go without a bra, this can cause breast pain. Also, large breasted women who wear bras that don't give adequate support can have tender and painful breasts. * Caffeine can also cause painful breasts, so if you consume caffeine (coffee, cola, tea, etc.) eliminate this from your diet. AnswerBreast pain isn't always a sign of cancer it can also be that your ovulating, during ovulation womens breast grow larger and it will sometimes cause pain .

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