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Is lead an air pollutant soil pollutant water pollutant or a combination of these?

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A pollutant is a waste material that pollutes air, water or Soil

Pollutants are harmful substances in the air, water, or soil.

A pollutant is a harmful material that causes pollution in air, water, or soil.

Carbon monoxide is an air pollutant. which comes mainly from automobiles and the burning of fossil fuels. Lead can pollute both water and soil and enters water primarily through plumbing systems. Organic pollutants include the herbicides and insecticides which are used in farming or gardening.

Plants absorb substances from their environment. If there is a pollutant in the soil, or the water where a plant is growing, it will be absorbed into the plant.

It cant decompost in the soil.

Lead in soil can leak into water supplies and wells. Lead is toxic and can cause severe brain damage or death.

It is be possible to become contaminated with this soil pollutant.

Many times, lead dissolves into water and goes into the soil that way. This is why they banned lead bullets, people would shoot ducks and they would land in a pond or lake and poison it.

A degradable pollutant is a pollutant which can be broken down by microorganisms and causes soil pollution. A non-degradable pollutant can not be decomposed or would take an extremely long time to be broken down.

The basic concept of water pollution is that if the water resources we have now become polluted this can lead to damage of the soil ecosystem which will eventually lead to drinking water pollution.

According to Biologists, natural lead can be found in every state because it is a part of the environment. Elements of lead can be found in water, soil and air.

in a water logged soil, the micro organisms can not respire aerobically, therefore the undergo anaerobic respiration which make the soil acidic, the high acidic content of the soil leads to an increase in the decomposition of the plants roots which lead to the death of the plants.

there are many types of pollutant but,i'll just name a few.There is Carbon Monoxide,nitrogen Dioxide, air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, and other stuff.

loomy soil- is ideal for planting vegetables. clay soil- is very hard when dry and sticky when wet. sand soil - is a combination of sand -it cannot hold the water

It takes plants and weeds from the ground which hold the soil and water in place. This can lead to erosion

It takes plants and weeds from the ground which hold the soil and water in place. This can lead to erosion

Soil needs water. Good soil is composed of 25% of water.

soil is not dissolve in water because plants grow in soil and water them

The soil will start to dry up if there is no water or if there is not enough water in the soil.

soil between ground water and surface water is called sub-soil water