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Not using the dipsticks for the oil and transmission, while seeing leaks are a sign... Check your fuids and keep them clean and full or you will cause damage to whatever componenet relies on their respective fluids. Answer leaking oil is NOT sign of a bad transmission, its a sign of a bad/worn seal(s) or hose(s). more likely a sign of a worn seal or oil pan gasket. Actually it's a sign of money that will go out of you pocket, the more you can see, the more you have to pay. If you don't fix it, you may have to pay for the aggregates, eg transmission parts instead of paying for a small rubber seal.

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Q: Is leaking oil a sign of a bad transmission?
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What could prevent a leak where the transmission bolts to the small block Chevy right by the oil filter on the left side where the two bolts go and only leaks after engine has been running?

If it's leaking transmission fluid, could be a bad pump seal. If it's leaking engine oil, could be a bad oil filter, leaking valve cover gasket, leaking intake manifold gasket, leaking oil pressure sender, leaking distributor gasket.

Diesel leaking into the engine oil on astra van?

Sign of bad rings or excessive fuel in cylinders. Check compression.

Where is the oil on a 1976 sportster leaking from and why is it leaking SO BAD?

probably everywhere, but if you don't find out where the leak is, you may burn up the engine or transmission, so if it stops leaking, you have a problem. FIND the leakand repair it.

Why is your transmission oil or gear oil leaking from your 92 Toyota tercel?


What is a lot of red oil from engine?

Could be leaking transmission fluid.

Why is my 2001 Camry radiator leaking oil?

The AT oil cooler is in the bottom tank of the radiator. If you are seeing oil leaking from one of the lines from and to the transmission connection could be loose.

Is the transmission seal the same as the main seal?

NO... They are 2 different seals. If the transmission seal is leaking then the fluid color will be RED that's leaking. If the rear main seal is leaking then it will be oil leaking from the engine and it won't be red.

Is milky oil a bad sign?

yes it is a bad sign

How can you tell if your transmission is blown or leaking?

If your car won't move, your transmission is blown. If there is transmission oil underneath your car, you have a leak.

How to fix oil leaking on Nissan primera auto transmission?

it depends on where its coming from

Why is your 1983 dodge ram charger leaking oil by the transmission?

its not but thanks for asking

Your engine has water in oil?

Water in the oil is a telltale sign of leaking cylinder head gasket.

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