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Q: Is lemon a berry or not?
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Is it better to make a chocolate cake with berry or lemon icing?


Is a lemon a berry?

Actually, a lemon (as well as oranges, limes, and grapefruit) is a hesperidium.

Five letter fruit?

Apple Lemon Berry

Who was the girl on soccer am with Keith lemon?

Deanne berry

How to preserve goose Berry?

Keep it in lemon juice for 3 hours. (3 hours in the fridge)

What three flavors are in froot loops cereal?

There are six flavors - Cherry, Orange, Lemon, Lime, Blueberry, and Berry.

How many tootsie pop flavors are there?

Well, there are a lot. 22 I think. Originals: Cherry Raspberry Grape Orange Chocolate New Flavors: Blue Raspberry Green Apple Lemon Lime Watermelon Pomegranate Banana And I think they are making a strawberry. Tropical Stormz: Strawberry Banana Orange Pineapple Lemon Lime (again) Citrus Punch Berry Berry Punch Tropical Flavors: Purple Punch Pineapple Tangerine Wild Berry Flavors: Black Berry Apple Berry Cherry Berry Blue Berry Mango Berry Special Edition Flavors: Caramel Strawberry Vanilla This is the most efficient list you can find, guaranteed.

What are the favors of Gatorade?

By flavor groupOriginal* Lemon-Lime* Fruit Punch* Orange* Cool Blue* Berry* Ice Punch* Strawberry KiwiA.M* Orange-Strawberry* Tropical-Mango* Cran RaspberryRain* Berry* Lime* Tangerine* Cherry* Strawberry Kiwi* Watermelon* GrapeFierce* Wild Berry* Grape* Melon* Strawberry* LimeLemonade* Lemonade* Pink Lemonade* Raspberry LemonadeX-Factor* Lemon-Lime + Strawberry* Fruit Punch + Berry* Orange + Tropical FruitFrost* Glacier Freeze* Riptide Rush* Cascade CrashXtremo* Mango Electrico* Tropical IntensoIce* Strawberry* Lemon* Lime* Orange* Watermelon

What food group is a pomegranate in?

A pomegranate is an edible fruit. It is a berry, between a lemon and grapefruit in size, containing aroung 600 seeds.

What is a taste altering berry that when eaten causes sour or bitter foods to taste sweet?

This is the "Miracle Berry" plant; if you were to eat a berry from it, and then tasted a lemon or other tart/sour food, it would taste sweet. The effect lasts for about an hour. We have one growing in our yard in Hawaii.

What berry makes a spicy poffin in Pokemon pearl?

This ones: Cheri Berry, Leppa Berry, Oran Berry, Persim Berry, Lum Berry, Figy Berry, Razz Berry, Pinap Berry, Pomeg Berry, Qualot Berry, Hondew Berry, Tamato Berry, Nomel Berry, Spelon Berry, Belue Berry, Occa Berry, Rindo Berry, Chople Berry, Shuca Berry, Tanga Berry, Charti Berry, Babiri Berry, Liechi Berry, Petaya Berry, Apicot Berry, Lansat Berry, Starf Berry, Enigma Berry and Rowap Berry

How do you get all berry mutations in Pokemon X and Y?

Here's the list of all the Berry mutations in Pokémon X and Y: Apicot Berry - Kelpsy Berry + Wacan Berry;Ganlon Berry - Qualot Berry + Tanga Berry;Grepa Berry - Aguav Berry + Figy Berry;Hondew Berry - Aspear Berry + Leppa Berry;Kee Berry - Liechi Berry + Ganlon Berry;Kelpsy Berry - Chesto Berry + Persim Berry;Liechi Berry - Hondew Berry + Yache Berry;Maranga Berry - Salac Berry + Petaya Berry;Petaya Berry - Pomeg Berry + Kasib Berry;PomegBerry -Iapapa Berry + Mago Berry;Qualot Berry - Oran Berry + Pecha Berry;Salac Berry - Grepa Berry + Roseli Berry;Tamato Berry - Sitrus Berry + Lum Berry.

What berries can you obtain in amity square?

corrn berry, magost berry, nomel berry, rabuta berry, belue berry, durin berry, pamtre berry, spelon berry, and watmel berry but they are very rare

What are all the lemonhead flavors?

Well, there actually different LemonHead packages. There is one ca;;ed L:emonHead and Friends. It has Grape, Orange, Apple, Cherry and of course Lemon. There is also one that is a Tropical Blend. It is a mix of two different flavors. Kiwi and Strawberry, Peach and Mango, Berry and Banana, Cherry and Watermelon, and Pink Lemonade with Lemonade. The only other one I remember seeing with lemonheads is a Berry version. Red Raspberry, Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, Wild Berry, and Cherry Lemon.

What are the barries in Pokemon emerald?

Here are a few:Liechie berry, Chesto berry, Cherie berry, Rawst berry, Lum berry, Bluk berry,Razz berry, Watmel berry, Babiri berry.Hope i helped!

What do the manioc tribe eat?

Pineapple,Guava,Orange,Lime or Lemon,Apple,Papaya,Mango,Passion fruit,Watermelon,Strawberry,Pear,Peach,Amazon berry.

Are there any fruits tha start with a e?

Emblic(Yellow berry like fruit)Elephant appleEtrog (Huge sized lemon)Entawak(brownish yellow fruit)

What are the best berrys in platinum?

Enigma Berry, Lum Berry, Micle Berry, Rowap Berry, and Sitrus Berry I think.

What movie and television projects has Mary Waltman been in?

Mary Waltman has: Performed in "Horseland" in 2006. Played Lemon Meringue in "Strawberry Shortcake: The Sweet Dreams Movie" in 2006. Played Lemon Meringue in "Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Blossom Festival" in 2007. Played Lemon Meringue in "Strawberry Shortcake: Big Country Fun" in 2008. Played Lemon Meringue in "Strawberry Shortcake: Berrywood, Here We Come" in 2010.

When was Berry Berry Singles created?

Berry Berry Singles was created on 2007-11-14.

What berry has no sodium?

Lol Acai Berry and berry juice

Is Fred berry Halle Berry father?

no Jerome Berry is

What are all the different flavors of lollipops?

Chocolate, vanilla, pomegrate,grape,sour apple,watermelon,carmel apple,cherry,pina colada,orange creme, strawberry, strawberry kiwi, lemon, rootbeer, lime, lemon lime,coconut, very berry, tropical punch, coke, cherry coke, lemon-lime, strawberry, kiwi, mango, peach, tangerine.

What is the best berry to evolve feebas?

The best berry is a wiki berry

Who is chuck berry father?

Henry Berry was Chuck Berry's dad.