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Not necessarily. Vehicles must be listed on the policy and a premium paid for the coverages desired. Some companies give a certain number of days coverage when you purchase a new vehicle and some do not provide coverage until you notify them to add the new vehicle to the policy.

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Q: Is liability insurance covered on all vehicles owned?
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Does liability insurance fullfill coverage law on any car owned even if its not listed on the card?

Liability Insurance on a personal policy does not cover all vehicles owned. It covers all vehicles listed on the policy. If your state requires you to have liability insurance cards for each vehicle then a card will be given to you for each listed vehicle. In Georgia the State requires that each insurance company electronically transmit to the State Department of Motor Vehicles issuance and cancellation of all vehicles for required insurance. The Officer can take the tag number and verify that it has insurance on it that day. It works much better that I thought it would.

What is broad form auto insurance?

A Broad Form covers the named insured to drive any owned or non owned vehicles (subject to restrictions). For liability insurance, be it one or twenty cars - it's the same price.

Hired auto and non owned auto liability?

Hired auto and non-owned auto liability is a type of auto insurance that covers property damage and bodily damage caused by an automobile that you hire or rent. It can include borrowed vehicles. The insurance typically does not cover physical damage to the auto itself.

Does drive other car coverage offer personal liability to driver of company vehicle?

No. Your personal auto Insurance Policy provides NO coverage for Company owned or commercial vehicles.

Will a home be covered by insurance if it is not owned by the occupant?

If you have renter's insurance (if renting) or business insurance (if owned by a business), then yes, it's covered. Note: Renter's insurance only covers your property. The home itself should be insured by the owner.

Are you covered on a family member's car insurance?

Yes you are covered on a family members car insurance if you are driving a vehicle owned and insured by them.....

Can homeowners' insurance cover a home owned by two ladies?

Yes. If it is a home and it is owned by someone, then it is covered by homeowners' insurance, regardless of who that someone is.

What kind of insurance coverage can we get for a borrowed vehicle that doesn't have any insurance on it because the owner doesn't drive it. We have insurance coverage on our vehicles?

Some insurance companies like Progressive will cover a non-owned vehicle meaning a vehicle in which you have no legal or financial interest. Check around if your insurance company does not provide coverage to non-owned vehicles.

Corporate Fleet Insurance?

form_title=Corporate Fleet Insurance form_header=Whether you lease or own your vehicles, get the fleet insurance policy specifically tailored to your needs. Total number of fleet vehicles under lease:=_ Total number of fleet vehicles owned:=_ Type of business:=_

Will your insurance cover hail damage before you owned your car?

Existing damage is never covered.

You do not own a car but you are renting a rental car How should you buy a non-owned auto liability insurance?

A rental car is hired with a certain insurance included. The renter is responsible for a certain amount of damage to the vehicle, which is often covered by a credit card company - find out from the card company what the conditions are.

What does commercial auto cover?

Commercial Auto Coverage is insurance that covers vehicles owned and operated for business use. A fleet of company cars, service trucks, etc. Personal Auto Coverage is insurance that covers vehicles for individuals and families.

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