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Is living together beneficial before getting married?


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The data say noPeople who cohabit before marriage are MORE, not less, likely to divorce or separate after marriage. Numerous studies done here and in Europe bear this out. One Ivy-league study shows that people who cohabit before marriage are 80 percent more likely to divorce than couples who don't. There is no question that cohabiting reduces your chances of having a successful marriage. The only real question is Why? People changeI thought it would! But people do change when they know they caught you and have you on the hook. I'm not saying all people change, but there is no definite answer to this question. Sounds funny but would you practice before any game? Good chance you will have some kind of the expierience you encounter when married. Temporary companionsOn the other hand, that attitude is responsible for the decline in marriage, and the increase in divorce and children without fathers. Why get married if you can do it all and have no responsibility? Just live together for a while and when you have any kind of disagreement there really isn't any motivation to work out the differences and no real need to change your basic philosophy on life, just move out or better yet, kick him/her out and you get to keep the house.

Everything has become disposable. We even have temporary companions.

On the other hand, if you are willing to really get to know someone, find out if the two of you are compatible and commit to a relationship, it really IS possible to make a marriage last, eve if you come across some bumps in the road.


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You are getting married, living together before the marriage is just taking the thrill and excitement out. Better get married first then live together.

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The time that you should date before getting married if you're over 50 will be a personal preference. Some people have dated for just weeks before getting married.

You can live together for how long as you like to be married but if your not married and are just a couple you only can live together for a year or less

80% of people that live together befor they are married get a divorce

It is a matter of opinion and no ones business, but the couple involved. For convenience sakes many young people (even some older individuals) will live together without getting married or live together until they do get married. It is only wrong is eyes of the couple. The downside of living together before marriage is the couple has been living like a married couple so it takes the excitement and joy out of any upcoming wedding because what is left? The couple has lived together for 1 or more years; done the same things a married couple does and by getting married they have lost the part of the excitement of not living together and waiting for the day of their wedding and then having their wedding night whether they have had a sexual relationship before or not. Then they get to live together and experience the joys and some downsides and make a future for themselves.

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The people that decide to get married are doing so and taking their vows before God. Vows for a marriage are said, but not often heard (the couple is nervous) but they are serious vows and marriage is not meant to be taken lightly. When getting married it is a commitment to each other to take that vow that they will be together 'until death do you part.'

When you get married, they will ask you to sign a statement swearing you are not married. If it is found out later that you are, you will be tried and convicted on polygamy.

Jehovah's witnesses must marry before they live together.

Living together does not make you married no matter how long. Until you have a wedding you're just in a relationship.

Getting married does not change breasts. Weight gain or loss and exercise, and pregnancy can change them. But not just getting married.

A man has an 81 percent chance to get married if they live the United States before the age of 40. A woman has an 86 percent chance of getting married.

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