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Log on means to go online, log in means to sign in. So, both are correct, but they have different meanings

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Q: Is log in correct or log on correct?
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In computer terminology Log into is correct or Log in to?

try Login to

Is the figure of speech lump on a log correct or bump on a log?

Neither one is 'correct' they are both used in common parlance.

How do you correct wrong info in your website?

You log on to the website as administrator and correct the errors.

When you try to log in at mywalmartcom theres no box to log in to?

Are you sure you're using the correct URL ? Try the related link - I got the log-in screen complete with boxes.

Is do a preposstion?

No . I use the squirrel and the log trick, like 'The squirrel went past the log", and 'do' does not fit that rule. 'The squirrel went do the log' is not correct. Do is a verb the past tense is did

Is it login to or log into?

Log is the verb, in describes where you are logging. Login is what you type when you are logging in.*************When used as a verb, use log in toWhen used as an adjective, use log-inWhen used as a noun, use loginExamples:When you log in to the system, verify that you have the correct log-in information. My login is johndoe.

What is the correct order of the bacterial growth cycle?

lag, log, stationary, decline

What two words are blended together to make blog?

I'm pretty sure that is you add bio and log, you get blog. Take the b from bio and log from log. If you guys think this is wrong, please correct:)

Can't log in to yahoo mail can't log in to yahoo help?

You must make shure everything is correct and you must kill yourself :3 no don;t kill yourself just make shure everything correct .

Can't log in to Gmail?

There can be various reasons why you can't log into gmail. The foremost must be lack of internet connection. Secondly you might not be entering correct credentials.

Why can't you log into club Nintendo?

If you cannot log into Club Nintendo on your Wii then you may not be connected to the internet. Check that connection and be sure you are using the correct username and password.

Why can't I log in?

If you can't log on make shure you try again and make shure EVERYTHING is correct and if that dosn't work make a new thing and restart whatever it is.

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