Is love worth it?

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Love hurts sometimes, but it is worth it. As humans, we crave human touch and love. In fact, babies can die without it. The pain love can sometimes cause is worth it for the experience of being loved and in love. Loving someone sets you up to hurt if you lose them, but if you don't love for fear of loss, what's the point of living?

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What do you do if a guy likes you but doesn't love you but you love him?

if he doesn't love you and who you r then he's not worth it

How do you get somone to love you?

You can't get someone to love you. Either they love you, or they don't. The best you can do is make yourself someone worth being loved and finding someone who is worth loving you.

Do you have to be old to fall in love?

No.Absoulutely not!!! anyone can love! Just be careful. Not everyone is worth your love

How much is an Elvis Love song album worth?

Elvis Presley's love song album was worth 15 dollars and 30 cents.

Is it worth to love someone a lot?

Love is always worthwhile. It is wonderful when it is shared.

What is a signed painting Melody of Love by Louis Jambor worth?

I have an Louis jambor painting melody of love and would like to know what it's worth.

How much are mixed puppies Worth?

Mixed puppies are worth all the love in your heart.

Is the Eragon series worth reading?

I totally love all the books in the series, and they are absolutely worth reading! 100% worth it!

Is harvest moon Tot a video game worth buying?

If you're a fan of Harvest moon games (Like I am) Then It's totally worth buying. I have it. And I love love love it. Sorry if I'm no help

Which is the international airport for Dallas - Dallas-Fort Worth or Love Field?

Dallas-Fort Worth because Love Field is a regional airport.

How to make a sentence with love?

Various sentences that can be made with Love are as follows : * Love is very beautiful. * Love sees no bounds. * Love is LIFE. * Love makes life worth living

What does love to hate mean?

I think it means that you have to love someone to think that hating them is worth your time

How do i can make my girlfriend in love with me?

Be yourself, if she doesn't love you the way you are then she isn't worth for you to try anything.

The boy you love is in love with his ex girlfriend?

tell him how you feel and if he doesn't feel the same way about you then that means he is not worth your time or love.

What is Worth Fighting For?

Issues regarding evaluation of love , inadequate care , deceiving nature are totally worth it

Is six flags worth going to?

Oh yeah. I love Six Flags. So worth going.

How mush is a 1914 2fr confoederatio helvetica worth?

I have one to, would love to know if its worth anything

What to do when you love somebody that does not love you?

Move on. It will be difficult, but worth it in the end. tell them how you feel and eventually hope for the best

Why is love worth waiting for?

it makes you much happier. it will stick you with you longer than just normal love.

How do you know if a married man is in love with you?

He leaves his wife for you. Otherwise it's not real love and worth nothing.

How do you measure the worth of a man's life?

By his family and the friends that love him

Why he didn't say I love you?

Because he is not worth your time and effort.

What makes you worth living?

You're family and those who love you...

Is love worth dying for?

Yes, and no. It is a very personal choice.

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